Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough

Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough – Step by Step Guide

The resident evil 7 walkthrough opens with you arriving at the old mansion. You go to the gate, but it’s locked, so go back a few steps and turn left. You’ll notice that the building has a massive drop off the right side and jump down from the ledge. The ledge is littered with junk, so look for handbags.

The demo will start in the same place you were in the first demo. The following steps in this new demo are: go to the kitchen, go to the hallway, and go up the stairs.

You will find a VHS tape and a tape recorder on the cabinet. The tape recorder is used to save your progress, so you should look for it.

. Fit the vid into the VHS player. 

 During the recording, follow your associates, and at the end of the recording, you’ll learn about the retired switch inside the fireplace. 

After following your coworkers, go back up and use the ladder to go down.

Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough

The way to the attic – resident evil 7 walkthrough

You hear a phone ringing in hallway. Pick up the phone receiver and learn about the exit through the garret. But first, pick up the layoff you used in the fight and also go through opened door at the end of the hallway. 


To get in the attic, you will need to follow the instructions below:

Open the kitchen cupboard

Break the chain

Remove the fuse

Behind the door on the right, there’s a box of bullets and a first aid kit. Maybe this will make you feel safer. If that doesn’t work, there’s a small handgun on the shelf to the left and a large gun in a closet to the left of that.

Here, you can find additional ammo on the left and another ammo pack in a small room behind the door. Use the graduation to reach the window. 

The burner nozzle and flamethrower

You’ve just arrived at your family’s vacation home. Your parents have already unpacked the car, so you’ll have some free time before dinner.

Turn right to find some shotgun shells in the pile of the crates. Just ignore the door on your right. You’ll find a swarm of bugs just on the other side.

Use a knife to attack the spiders on the locker. Get the vital and regular- strength chem fluid from outside. Head out onto the sundeck and turn right. 

Start the process with the correct tools. First, download the necessary means and update the system. Once that is done, locate the device and make sure it is unlocked.

You should turn around and go the other way. There’s some gunpowder on the windowsill. Turn left and kill the bug on your left. Then, take the path to the right.

The crew key and the grenade launcher

We should look at the room where we found the crow key so we can go back and see what happened. We should check out the dining room first because that’s the only way into that room.

You sneak past her and make your way into the gallery area. It would help if you got rid of everything you don’t want to carry. Then you will pick up another two-slot item in a few minutes. You won’t be facing any enemies on the way either.

Grab the flammable materials in the back of the room and then light them on fire.

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Greenhouse collectibles – resident evil 7 walkthrough

We’ve created a new “Collectibles” category for items we think you will want to grab during the fight. It’s our way of easing you into collecting all the extra stuff.

It would help if you collected as much loot as possible to complete your mission, so now you have to make sure the room isn’t a total waste. The loot is hidden in one of the other rooms, and you need to get there before Marguerite gets to it.

The bathroom to the right of that door has a shotgun with a box of shells on a wooden bench. The hallway over there has some ammo in a case and a bag of bullets. Continue into that room on the right.

The first time you play this game, you’ll be provided with some instructions on how to play the game. Then, after each turn is complete, there’s a screen where you get to look at your opponent’s hand and then select your next move.

To the right of the mower, there is a press with further burner energy in a hole. Head into the room behind that press and turn left to find a green condiment and a first aid med on the bottom. 

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Things are about to get shooty again.

No one can see through your disguise but you. Your plan is going to be ruined by mold.

The first time you think about it, it feels like you’re stuck in a room.

After the first movie was a big success, audiences quickly demanded sequels. So, the team behind the film created a sequel.

Zoe was trying to escape from the kidnapper, but she got into a car accident and woke up in the hospital.

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