Resident Evil Village Walkthrough

Resident Evil Village Walkthrough

We’ve given you an entirely new way to experience the Resident Evil franchise. And for those who prefer not to play through the game, we’ve included some helpful hints for newcomers.

Ethan Winters cannot catch a break. With the killer child &now, he’s stuck in Eastern European village being hunted by whole Brady Bunch of themurderous freaks & their Lycan pals.

Ethan can use all the help he can get, and we here to assist with the comprehensive walkthrough on & Also how to (hopefully) survive Resident Evil Village.

And don’t worry, we’ll take the time to give you the information on what’s going to happen in each chapter, so you know exactly where we’re going. If anything significant does happen that you didn’t expect, we want to make sure it is something you can prepare for, not blindsided by.

Part 2: The Crests and the Castle Gate.

Resident Evil Village Walkthrough

Intro and the Village – Resident Evil Village Walkthrough

So before you even get started with Resident Evil 7’s Baker’s Daughter DLC, I recommend giving Baker Incident Report a just read. It says it’s 80 pages, but don’t panic; it’s only a couple of the sentences per page, and it gives a nice rundown of everything that’s happened since the events of Resident Evil 7.

When you will first start the game it tells you that the baby Rose was taken from her crib. So where is she?

After the baby is tucked in, I’ll check my email, scan the news, or read some blogs or articles about other parents on the Web. Then, I’ll go to the laptop for a few more pages of Ethan’s Diary. The Medical Checkup Report is also hanging in the next room, and the photo album is in the living room.

Head to the kitchen when you are ready. Once a long cutscene happens, you will wake up in & snow, and also next to a crashed van a dead cell phone nd an even-deader soldier.

There is a trail in the snow if you get turned around. Keep going until you get to a bridge that leads to a rundown house with a small, locked door in the basement. Step through the door and walk through a cluttered, dusty room into a well-lit kitchen where you find an old cupboard to your left. Climb the stairs to the next floor, and you will find a closet on the dead end of the hallway with a key on top.

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Crests and the Castle Gate

There is Chem Fluid on the table, along with a drawer with a lock you can’t pick. 

When it comes to ammunition, you need a lot of it should focus on during your early days as a merchant. When you first start, you should consider buying a bunch of things, and then, only later in the game, you’ll be able to make your weapons and ammunition.

The one will your immediate left leads to a locked door. Ignore that for right now. The Gunpowder on bench to your right is a potent explosive. If you get close enough to it, it’ll be gone in a second. If you can’t do anything with the well yet and the tractor is unusable, there’s a way to make something from the scrap.

There is a path on the statue’s left that allows you to take a right instead. You will see a crow sitting in the road if you look closely.

Part 2: Castle Dimitrescu

After entering the lobby, move up the stairs to the first floor. There are also two doors on your left, one is locked, and the other is closed. There are three doors in the hallway on the right, one of which is locked. You can’t go down the hallway to your left and your right; there are several doors, but most of them are closed.

Go into the new hallway in the old part of the building and follow the hall until you reach a dead end. Turn left at the end and walk down the narrow aisle towards the big window. Go around it, and you’ll see the door on the right. It’s unlocked, and you can go through it. Go inside and take what you need.

Head to large door on the left & look for the plaque that triggers a cutscene. After the cutscene, look at your hand, and you’ll find a key that you can use to unlock the door. Once you’re out of the way, Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters will begin to talk to you.

Walk to the table in the center of the room, grab the Crimson Glass, and make your way to the far wall. In the next room head for the fireplace. Crouch down & crawl through the tunnel. Once out of there, look for a Rusted Scrap.

Find the ring on the ground, and then click it in your inventory to make it active. When you’re done with the call, hold down Alt (the Control key on the keyboard) and click the door that you just opened with your mouse. You will be able to jump to the next room!

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Daniela Dumitrescu, The First Daughter

After the first group of ghouls falls, follow the broken walls around the corner. Another bunch will come crawling out of the hole at your feet. It may be worthwhile to take them down right away so you don’t get overwhelmed, but a better tactic is to be on the lookout for a nearby Crate Bomb. Once you find one, you can shoot the pipe coming out of it and open it for more explosives.

Move through the level, collecting items and avoiding zombies. After you’ve gone through everything you can, go back to the room with the fire in the wall. There’s only one zombie left. Head to the next room, and you’ll see another. Again, move through the whole level, killing zombies as you go. When you come to the room with the fire, the zombies are gone, and you have a Rusted Scrap.

It’s a new but familiar challenge. The ghouls have been taking over, and your goal is to beat them back. The following crates are down the path on the right side of the room, and the final set is near the exit. You must craft the right weapons, load up on supplies, and move on.

A cutscene will trigger, and you will be uncomfortably close to one of Dimitrescu’s daughters, Daniela. As your character moves toward her, she’ll start walking back toward the camera, and you’ll hear the ominous voice-over of the main character from the game “I Am Sam,” shouting at you to turn around and run. Ignore this advice. She’s not going to hurt you. Just as you get near the girl, take a good look at her face. You’ll see that her expression is deadly serious. Run.

Just run! Start in the crate area, and head to the right. Make a left turn into the next room. Head left again and went up the stairs on your request. You’ll end up at a dead-end, but keep going and turn right at the top.

The Courtyard and the Dimitrescu Key

The best way to increase sales is by promoting your products! Your store is a great place to put in new products, but they need to be advertised for customers to know about them!

The top suggestion is upgrading the handgun’s power. You could make the rifle more powerful, but the other option, which is less expensive and more practical, is just as good.

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