Riddles Of Egypt Walkthrough

In antiquated Egypt, during the Age of Pharaohs, a weird dimness compromised the land. The Order of Priests had the option to deceive this detestable energy and restrict it profound underground to sleep in the everlasting evening. You are terrible darkness seeking to destroy the land of Egypt. After 3000 years, evil has finally awakened. Travel to the Port, Oasis, Temple, Pyramid, and Sphinx in this epic puzzle adventure.

If you want to help an Egyptian priestess bury the deadly evil deep within an exotic world of the ancient East, you’ll need a little extra help from your mouse. The mouse can be used to find hidden objects and solve puzzles.

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Chapter 1 – Riddles Of Egypt Walkthrough

Put a tube connector (G) on a hose connector (H). Place the parts of the relief on the tablet (I). On the tablet, place the parts of the tablet. Then, play hop. When you do, the tablet will show you a cartouche artifact (K).

Take the CARTOUCHE ARTIFACT and give the DRAWER KEY. Use DRAWER KEY to open the table. Take the CODE PAPER and USB CABLE from the case. Place the CODE PAPER in the table. Then, open the tablet. Use TABLET and USB CABLE (E). Move items; take SCARF and GAUNTLET (F). Select GAUNTLET (G). Fire when crosshairs are blue x3 (H). Take JAMMED EXTINGUISHER (I).

Don’t waste your time using a fire extinguisher. Take bedouin suit. Place bedouin suit, scarf, and goggles. Take the outfit. Go forward. Select. Move the plant. Take whetstone. Whetstone on dull hopes.

SHARP KOPESH on GOGGLES; earn MASK STRAP. You need to SHARP KOPESH to earn MASK STRAP. MASK STRAP on SLINGSHOT STICKS; earn SLINGSHOT. Make SlingShot (S). Take Box Inset (T). Place Box Inset. Take Red Gem (U). Place Red Gem. Go forward. Talk (A). Take Glass Shard and 1/3 Coin (B). Take Scroll (C).

Use BURNING SCROLL (D). Play HOP; earn 2-3/3 COIN (E). Use 3 COINS: earn BANANA (F). Use BANANA; take PUNGI (G). Select (@). An open case (H). Talk (K). Select 1-3. Take HORUS TEMPLE KEY (L). Move items; take 1st SCARAB (M). Place HORUS TEMPLE KEY (N). Go right. Select (O). Select (P).

Take the 2nd SCARAB. It’s at the bottom of the first column. Go down two boxes. Use the EMPTY POT. Now you have a pot with water in it. Go to the left. Use the pot. Walk down to the 2x, place GREAVE, take ANKH (C), and go forward.

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Chapter 2

Walk down, forward, and left. Place FIRE INSET; select 1-5 (Q). Take BIRD EYE (R). Walk down 2x; go left. Select (A). Place BIRD EYE (B). Take BIRD MEDALLION (C). Place (D). Place 5 BLUE FEATHERS (E).

Walk down, forward. Use GAUNTLET (H). Play HOLE; earn ETERNITY JEWEL. Place MIRROR (I). Place ETERNITY JEWEL (J). Go forward. Take TOOL STORAGE KEY (K). Walk down, left. Use CHISEL and HAMMER (M). Play HOP; earn DJED (N). Open DJED, you can earn 2 lemons and a strawberry with the code. Place 2 LEVERS (O-P); select Ox2-Px2; then take Green Circle Key.


Use LIT CATTAILS (E) to get rid of the items. C: Cut the cattails (C) and then throw them out (T) to get rid of the clutter. D: Remove the items you want to take and then take the knife (F). It’s (M). Select (N). Move items; take KEY (O). Take 1/3 BLADE KEY and PART OF HANDLE (P). Walk right. Play HOP; earn BURNED TIN (A). Take PINE RESIN (B). Use LENS (C). Take POKER (D).

Use POKER (G). Select Fx2; use PINE RESIN and PART OF HANDLE; earn GLUED HANDLE (H). Walk down. Place LENS; take 1/2 PART OF KEY (I). Place GEAR and GLUED HANDLE; select handle (J). Key (M) Place. Step. Forward.

Chapter 3

Go into the room marked Dock Select GAUNTLET (N); use fire when crosshairs are blue x3 (O); talk (A). Take 3/3 BLADE KEYS and WAS STAFF (B); use WAS STAFF; take OAR STATUE INSET (C).

Click EYE JEWELS (N); select KAWASAKI, JAPANESE EYED RABBIT (O); open KAWASAKI, JAPANESE EYED RABBIT (P). Click to move forward; click near the left or right edge to counteract balance (Q).

This is a mini-game randomly generated. You are playing against the computer. Take GATE INSERT (Q). Place EYE JEWEL (O). Read the note and take BAST MASK (P). Take HATOR MASK and place BAST MASK (Q). Take ANUBIS MASK and TORCH (R).

Walk down 2x. Use TORCH; earn LIT TORCH (A). Go forward 2x. Use LIT TORCH (B). Select 2x (C). Walk left. Take JAVELIN (D). Take BARREL (E). Take HAMMER; use JAVELIN (F).This deck includes 60+ new card combinations and tricks that will keep you playing for hours. Place HANDLE AND SKULL INSET in the center of your deck; take 2/3 DOOR INSET; select handle (H). Play HOP and pick up the card(s) from the bottom of the deck.

Select Q-R: select 1-5. Go forward. Take WEDGE. Take HAMMER. Use WEDGE and HAMMER; take BRICK. Take CRATE COVER; remove barrels. Place CRATE COVER and BRICK; select cart. Select F. Talk. Select H-I-J.

Use SPIKE, and earn ROPE. Tie ROPE into LASSO. Use LASSO. Take RED CLOTH, use BOX INSET, use PITCHER, and take 2 DOOR TOKENS. Place BOX INSET. Open and use 2 DOOR TOKEN. Take RED CLOTH and 2 DOOR TOKENS. Rotate ring 3 spaces clockwise (A). Rotate ring 7 spaces counterclockwise (B). Rotate ring 1 space clockwise (C). Rotate ring 7 spaces counterclockwise (D). Solution (E).

Chapter 4

Boat Deck Talk (A). Take ADIZER and use SMELLING SALTS; use ADIZER, SMELLING SALTS, and MOLLE; take MOLLE; close crate; take PAPYRUS INSERT and 1/2 POT (C). Go forward.

3rd CHEST PIECE, PAPYRUS, FLINT AND STEEL, HERB, EARRINGS, and EMPTY BOWL (G) should be taken. It is recommended that you place 3 chess pieces (H). You can play HOP and earn NECKLACE (I). Place a jewelry box, 2 carpets, and 2 olive oil pillows in the same location. List (O) is what you should take. Take essential oil if you want to give a list. Go in a certain direction. The use of flint and steel is referred to as FLINT and STEEL.

Tonic is the best footstep. Walk down. Use it. Then, take a gong mallet. Then, use a gong mallet. Go forward. Get ibis inset. Take fan blade dagger. Place and select ibis inset. Walk down. Hop. Get a wooden token. Use fan blade dagger.

Adjust BENT WIRE. Go forward. Place BABOON INSET; adjust figures as shown (G). Remove inset; take IBIS INSTRUCTION (H). Place IBIS INSTRUCTION (I). Select 1-6; take 2/2 WOODEN TOKEN (J). Select (K). Go forward 2x, use DIRTY MIRROR, use SWORD and earn BEND WIRE. Move it to 1/2 DREAMATORIUM KEY, play hop, and get two Dreamatorium Keys. Go forward 2x, and place two keys. Fire at crosshairs when they turn blue.

Go forward. Take CLOTH (A). Take WIRE BRUSH and FAN (B). Wire Brush and CLOTH on DIRTY MIRROR; earn CLEAN MIRROR. Place CLEAN MIRROR (C). Walk down. Place FAN (D). File (G). Return to Rose of War. Use File take Horn (H). Go forward 3x. Place Horn; select 1-3 (I). Place SEEKER’S MEDALLION (J). Select 1-4 (K). Go forward. Talk (L). Select M-N-O.

You can use the Pyramid Cup, which will increase your strength and hit twice as many pins, or the Pharaoh Head, which will reduce the damage done to your bowling ball, and sharpen your skill.

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Chapter 5

To select the solution, choose (Q) for the question, then (S) for the button. Go right. Take 2/3 OF PEPPERMINT SHORTENED CREAM. Open walk down 2x; go forward. Place GNOMON (I). Go forward. Walk down the street; go left. Place CAT HEART; take FEATHER (N).

You place the A and B tiles first, read the sentence, then select the correct option. Find ESET KEY. Click on it. Select (K). Move forward, select 2 wings, play hop, earn breath insert, and walk down 2 times.

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