Sekiro Walkthrough

Sekiro Walkthrough – Step by Step Guide

The Sekiro Walkthrough begins with a cutscene showing a battle in northern Japan and the commander’s defeat. A young man is picked up by “The Owl” and taken as his apprentice for shinobi training.

A cutscene begins to play. The game shows Sekiro sitting on a cliff, and a woman approaches, handing him a letter. The player is now in control of Sekiro and can move around to pick up the letter, which turns out to be the Ornamental Letter.

Here, a tutorial is presented that outlines the basic game actions.

Ashina Reservoir is a great place to visit to enjoy the water, meet other Pokemon and relax. You can also battle with various new challenges, including the new Pokemon that have been added since the release of Generation VI.

Sekiro Walkthrough

Ashina Outskirts 1st time – Sekiro Walkthrough

The Sculptor has gone missing, and he needs your help. Before the sun rises, please make your way to the dilapidated temple where he is imprisoned. Follow the path and enter the building. You’ll be able to see the Sculptor’s footprints on the ground, so you know you’ve gone the right way.

Grapple to the broken window and go inside to grab the Loaded Shuriken Shinobi Tool, go back to the idol and talk to the Sculptor to get it fitted, chat to Emma while you’re here, then travel back to the Gate Path idol.

A grappler’s job is to grapple his opponents. When they grapple back, a grappler will use a grappling move. For a Shuriken Shinobi, Too, the goal is not to get grappled. The only way to accomplish this is to avoid getting grappled in the first place.

Grapple up to the gate again & then kill everything in this area before you grapple onto the house and jump up to where you can see the vendors (he sells the Firecracker Shinobi Tool).

Drop down and talk to the old lady in the house to get the bell. Then jump across to the right of the cannon, and grapple up towards the top of the wall to the right of the cannon, which is where you’ll find a ladder leading to the next level.

Watch Video Walkthrough Here

watch this Video to understand complete walkthrough.

Hirata Estate memory

First, you need to go into the Dragon’s Spring, talk to the NPC, grapple down to the cliff, and jump off. Then it would help if you grappled to the bridge, then use the Carp Scale. After that, you’ll need to swim around, killing two more Carp, which will yield you another Carp Scale.

There is also a vendor in a barrel on an island. He exchanges scales for items in the area. Go to the other side of the bridge and climb over the wall for the Estate Path Idol. Make your way around the next area killing everything that moves.

Once you’ve cleared the corridor, there will be a small building with more bandits. Take these out and then look to a gate to the town and grapple over the tree to the next area. Kill everything, and check in the bonfire with guards sitting around it for the Flame Vent Shinobi Tool.

Go left after the fire and climb the path up to the left. When you get to the top of the path, turn left and run around the fire to reach the little courtyard. Look in the area where the bandits were and go through the door.

After getting your tools fitted, head over to the Sculptor and pick up your Prosthetic and Shinobi texts. From here, your memory will get progressively more challenging. If you start to struggle with the memory, go to Ashina Outskirts and find a Memory from Gyoubu.

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Ashina Outskirts 2nd time in Sekiro Walkthrough

Back to the Outskirts Wall-Stairway Idol now. Look down and hear to the memory in the yard below, also turn around and sputter to Anayama, the Huckster under the gate (he sells a Gourd Seed if you sputter enough and also moves to the Dilapidated tabernacle). 

 You will need to learn the patterns of the guards and the movements of the Chained Ogre to complete the hunt. There are plenitude of particulars to help you with this and indeed some cheats. 

 Go back to the central exit in the walkway and sneak around to the right. On top of a ledge, kill the adversary with the gong, also go around killing everyone but the General, who’s amini-boss. This week’s column is each about a new release from Vans. 

A sneak attack is an attempt to get into a position where the victim can’t defend against you. The mini-boss will try to defend himself, but he has only three attacks, and you can dodge or parry all of them.

Grapple to the lawn below, stay for the snake to look down, and grapple to the delve and run through. Run straight into the lawn ahead and crouch, walk through it, also wall clinch the wall and also sneak into the bitsy roof. 

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Inside Ashina Castle

From the Upper Tower – Antechamber Idol – skulk through into the room where you can see down to a small roof. 

 Jump down then and turn around to face the direction of the hero. There’s a casket in this room that has the Sabimaru Shinobi Tool. Go to the Lower Tower using the Homeward Idol item and make your way back to the Upper Tower-Antechamber hero. 

 Fight your way through samurai & go into the room on the right from the hero. 

 There’s a hole in the ceiling, so snare it and climb up. Also walk through that hole and dropdown. Before you open that door, just in case you die. Turn around and go into the coming room. Sneak up the stairs and also go to the coming room. Also go into the coming room for the Upper Tower-Ashina Dojo Idol. 

 Go through and have an grand samurai battle with an Ashina Elite (one of the stylish fights up until this point) to gain a Prayer Blob. 


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