Subnautica Below Zero Walkthrough

Subnautica Below Zero Walkthrough

Subnautica Below Zero Walkthrough: You already know about below zero if you play World of Warcraft (WoW). The history of the world has been altered over time. Characters can no longer talk to one another, and the entire game has become corrupted by the evils of the old gods.

 This page provides a complete walkthrough of the survival mode of Subnautica Below Zero. It also includes useful tips for gameplay and pointers for mastering the oceans.

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If you’re playing the story, you may want to turn off this spoiler-filled summary, as it contains information about the events in the story. Check Console Commands to see if any commands can help.

Important Tools – Subnautica Below Zero Walkthrough

Important Tool. The fastest tool to craft is the Scanner. It requires one battery and one titanium. You can get titanium by breaking open limestone outcrops, which litter the floors and walls of most Biomes.

Other resources required to make batteries include two Ribbon Plants. These are tiny thin, yellow, and green plants that are typically located in caves within The Shallow Twisty Bridges.

When you have all the supplies you require, head back to the drop pod to make the Scanner. The Scanner lets you scan fauna, flora, stones, and fragments. Fragments are tiny bits of technology that are scattered across the ground of many biomes.

The terrain in each biome is unique, and each biome has a different set of fragments. To improve your movement speed, we suggest scanning the Seaglide, which greatly increases your movement speed.

In addition, it and the Scanner require a charged battery to operate. If your tool runs out of power, craft another storm and replace it by pressing R while holding the device. 

It’s time for the next important tool: the Survival Knife. This knife allows you to collect resources and fight off aggressive lifeforms if needed. The blade is made of titanium and silicone rubber.

Silicone Rubber can be made through the harvesting of the Seed Cluster within the Arctic Kelp Forest. The forest can be located to the left of the tunnel. When you get there, the seed clusters consist of brightly red bulbs that hang from the high Creepvines and resemble Kelp.

It’s always good to harvest as much as you can of the flora around because you might not always be able to gather it later. Once you have everything you need, go back to the Drop Pod to fabricate the knife.

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The entire Walkthrough Guide is available as a video

The Standard Oxygen Tank is the third item needed to craft the Aqua Rig. It allows you to stay underwater much longer and breathe more air, allowing you to stay underwater for much longer. To prepare it, you need two Titanium and a Fiber Mesh.

Crepweed is one of the three creepers you can acquire by harvesting the three creep vines in the Arctic Kelp Forest. You can also craft it using two of the creep vine samples. To prepare it, use the number keys to equip the Creepweed using the RMB button, then right-click on the material and click “Add to Item Bag.

Once you finish constructing the Drop Pod, you’ll unlock a few more Crafting Recipes. You can craft the Light-Up Gun and also Air Bladder. The Flashlight is also available for purchase in this game.

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A flashlight requires a battery and glass. The Flashlight can search for materials in the dark since the world can be poorly lit in certain places, especially around night.

Glass is made of two types of Quartz: Amethyst, which is a greenish-blue translucent gem that has no banding, and Ruby, which has a reddish-orange banding and is opaque.

The first method is to replenish your oxygen meter with 15 seconds of air. The second, more useful way is to allow Robin to rapidly ascend ~100 meters from the ocean floor to the water surface.

The fastest-moving animal in the animal kingdom is the cheetah. It can run at speeds up to 60 mph.

Supplies – Subnautica Below Zero Walkthrough

When the player heads west of the Drop Pod to the Sparse Arctic and Arctic Kelp Forests, he’ll discover an emergency supply cache, which contains a blueprint for a new invention: the compass, which puts the compass on the player’s HUD.

Also, the player can find a PDA with a conversation between Fred Lachance and Sam You. Some things to make are the High Capacity O2 Tank, an upgraded version of the standard O2 tank you previously crafted, and the Ozone Generator, a highly modified version of the Water Tank.

The best skill tree for beginners is the blueprint for it. You’ll learn what kinds of upgrades are best for new players and the best ways to craft them.

You know that you’ve reached the first landmark when you see a large Dropoff by the small area to the left of your Pod with Creepvine. Its recipe calls for four Titanium, two Glass, and one Silver Ore.

Subnautica Below Zero Walkthrough

In total, you need four quartz crystals. Silver ore is harder to come by than quartz, and it’s also trickier to get in the Twisted Bridges, so you’ll be better off sticking to the Arctic Kelp Caves.

It’s also easier to find Twisty Bridges because they’re just trenches surrounded by some parts of the Shallow Twisty Bridges, whereas Arctic Kelp Caves entrances are few. If you want to find Arctic Kelp Caves, look for Argentite Outcrops, which are grey rocks protruding from the surface of walls.

Once you have everything you need, you’ll want to head back to the Drop Pod to craft your new tank. Remember to take off your old tank to prepare the new one.

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Finding the Sanctuary

Exploring the Twisty Bridges is the first step to finding the Sanctuary. To get there, go to the deepest section of the biome and head in that direction.

To find the entrance to the Sanctuary, go away from the Drop Pod in the opposite direction to where the area of Robin’s shuttle was located. When you get to the order of the aliens’ pillars, those will be on the right of the trench.

You’ll find a huge alien structure if you follow the four pillars. Entering the opening will take you out of the water and onto your feet.

The Delta Island

A Delta Island. Within the next few days after your landing, you’ll receive a message on your computer screen from the game giving you the exact location of Delta Island. It’s located in the center of Sector Zero and is used to monitor activity in Sector Zero.

When you are approaching the island from the south, you can see the huge tower. The way to the island’s top can be seen from far away to the south.

When you’re on Delta Island, keep a close eye on the thermal lilies or hot springs for a safe and convenient heat source to survive the island.

As the top dog of the pack, it’s up to you to get Robin into trouble. She’ll be triggering a cutscene with a character called Marguerit Maida, who will tell her to stay away from the land, but you’ll have to shoot and arrest her before she can do anything.

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Delta Station – Subnautica Below Zero Walkthrough

Once at the island’s top, you will likely pass by Delta Station before you see the tower. By the base, there’s a fragment of Habitat Builder. The habitat builder allows Robin to build Seabases in the water or on land.

Seabases are modular units that can be added to your hull. These modules, when scanned, will open up a series of options for you, including a Fabricator, Storage, and a Repair Station. This allows you to build your own space away from your Drop Pod or keep your Drop Pod safe and stable. Q: How can I use Java Mail (1.

All residents have a use other than vanity, but two specific objects are extremely useful; the Multipurpose Rooms and the Modification Stations. The rooms can be scanned from the outside, and the Modification Station is found in the bedrooms of the base.

The laser scanner can be used to upgrade some of your equipment and tools. Scan the stuff you need or want, and then go upstairs to the radio tower.

It’s also revealed that the Delta Station quartered the following members: Fred Lachance, Jeremiah Muggle, and Emmanuel Desjardins.


Seatruck. You can only drive to the next section by acquiring the Seatruck, a submarine you can modify to suit your needs. It will provide you with new challenges throughout the course.

The first step in completing this quest is finding its fragments, which can be found in the thermal spires, the biome directly surrounding the delta island. Q: Can I make this query in Rails 4? I’m trying to write this SQL in Rails 3:

Be very careful when diving here; Sea Monkeys can steal your held items, and it may not be easy to find your way out. Once you have both blueprints, it’s time to craft both. You will need one Titanium Ingot, one Lubricant, and one Power Cell.

All three of these crafting recipes will take about the same amount of time and effort, as they are all crafted with simple tools. Equip them to your crafting inventory and place them in a bit of water; they’ll float to the surface.

Click on the item to access the recipe and instructions. Make sure you craft the Seatruck first since it will make the other materials easier to obtain. You’ll need one Titanium Ingot, one Advanced Wiring Kit, four Glass, five Lead, and one Power Cell.

Titanium ingots and glass require little attention once they are placed. However, the rest of the cell requires careful setup to avoid causing a fire. The Power Cell requires two batteries and a rubber sleeve to cover them. Advanced wiring kits require a wiring kit and two silver ore, two gold, and a computer chip.

You’ll usually find these on your travels. There are many types of Table Corals, but only one will be found on this island. You’ll have to dig them out of the soil.

The Seatruck’s controls are like the player. You move with the WASD keys, and it turns on the rear-view mirror if you press backward. Pressing forward will also teleport the Seatruck. The main feature of the Seatruck is its modularity; you can use Seatruck modules to customize your Seatruck to your liking. Q:

Curing the Frozen Leviathan

This game requires a lot of skill to play. It’s challenging but also fun. To help you get started, this guide will take you through the basics of the game. You’ll learn everything from what items are required to fight against the Leviathan and its minions.

It would help if you had a Spy Pengling and its remote in your inventory to do so. It is used to acquire the antidote that Sam Ayou stored away in a spy pengling site.

When you leave the Frozen Cave and travel south, past the Glacial Forest and the frozen river bordering the forest’s southern end, you’ll find yourself on a hill with a light stick near the top of the mountain.

Head left, you should find yourself walking past & also the top of a frozen waterfall. Head down a slope to the west of the Glacial Connection lake. There’s the Spy Pengling site containing the antidote near the bottom of the hill.

Find the antidote by scanning the map of the Glacial Basin in the Phi Robotics Center. It’s located near the cave entrance.

Return to the site of the Phi Excavation where you found the frozen skeleton of the Leviathan, and insert the antidote into the sample injection robot. Then interact with the terminal to commence the antidote injection into the frozen Leviathan’s pustule-infected body tissue.

Repairing the Bridge

They are repairing the Bridge. The Arctic Spires are inaccessible through normal means. It requires refueling the Bridge and connecting it to the Glacial Bay. Use a Hydraulic Fluid fragment on the bay half of the Bridge.

You’ll need to go to the Arctic Kelp Forest and biomes containing gel sacks to collect the materials. You won’t have access to the resources in your house inventory.

Once you’ve acquired the tools and materials, it’s time to build the hydraulic fluid. Fabricate one fluid and return to the Bridge. When you insert the liquid into the fuel compartment, you will be able to access the Bridge’s terminal.

We are going to the spires, through the canyon. The entrance to the spires is located on the northern end of Glacier Bay, on a high-up plateau connecting to the spires with a bridge. We are going to ride our Snowfox into the spires. It’s in your best interest to craft multiple Thumpers and help others do the same.

If you haven’t encountered one yet, the Ice Worms are a land-based leviathan that burrows through the ground, listening for prey to ambush from beneath.

They are one of the most aggressive and deadly Biomes in the Subnautica series.

To make it through the canyon, you’ll need to use Thumpers, which make sounds when placed and lure Ice Worms toward it while Robin escapes. 

If you’re going to fight in this part of the level, you’ll want to carry Thumpers and First Aid Kits.

Lilypad Islands Biome

The Lilypad Islands are large pieces of rock and soil that have been suspended by their buoyancy, floating on top of the water in this biome. They’re large enough to support many species of plants and animals.

Lilypads don’t decay, but they do grow old. Sometimes, their giant, long-dead husks are found on the seabed, like the ones I’m talking about in this example.

The aperture around the edges of this, the cavern underneath, is the opening to the biome.

Twisty Bridges Biome

The Shallow Twisty Bridges is a bit different from the other three biomes. While it shares the same purple coral species as the other three, it’s more sparse in terms of other coral species. The twisting structures in this biome are much more prominent when compared to the other three. Q:

The rock faces of the cliffs are full of sulfur plants, making crossing the biome risky. The high cliffs have shelves, some even with plenty of Ribbon plants, making the Twisty Bridges good sources of Ribbon plants.

Copper, Crystal Sulfur, Gold, Quartz, Ribbon Plant, Table Coral Sample, Titanium.

Fabricate a Seaglide in Subnautica Below Zero Walkthrough

After you have finished building the Seaglide, it is time to set sail. Fabricate a Seaglide, a handheld motor that speeds up your swimming by a lot. The first blueprint you will have to find, and this is something you’re going to have to do all of your Subnautica: Below Zero.

You’re now equipped with your Scanner, fins, and standard O2 tank, so head back into the ocean. Go straight out of the door and swim down into the ravine you came to. Swim straight down along the valley’s wall and find a Seaglide fragment.

Scan it with your Scanner. You’ll get a notification saying, “Scan completed. Seaglide found. Overall progress: 33%.” Now you have to find another two fragments. Head left and followed the shoreline to the next valley. Find a third and last fragment in this valley.

For the third time, take a U-turn from the doorway of the Drop Pod and swim down into a different valley. Look around the valley floor for the third Seaglide fragment. Once you’ve scanned the third fragment, you’ll get a “New blueprint synthesized” notification.

Follow the blueprint to find the materials you need — 1 battery, one Lubricant, one copper wire, and one titanium. On your way back to the drop pod, gather the materials you need and make your new vehicle.

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