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Subnautica Walkthrough – Step by Step Guide

Subnautica Walkthrough History. This article contains spoilers that may spoil the experience for other readers. Players new to the game would want to avoid or be cautious about this article.

Subnautica is an open-ended single-player exploration game in an alien ocean environment. You play as an astronaut exploring the depths of an aquatic world, diving deeper into its mysteries. This page will be a complete walkthrough for the entire game, offering useful tips and helpful hints that will help you avoid common mistakes and succeed in the game.

You can get stuck at the beginning of the game, so it is important to check out the tutorial if you have questions about the game. You can also find some tips for playing the game here. Q: Probability: How many ways can five balls be chosen from 8 red and four blue balls?

Opening Sequence – Subnautica Walkthrough

Opening Sequence. After Aurora’s hull failure, Ryley enters Lifepod 5 and also ejects the lifepod. It lands in the Safe Shallows, the first biome the player will enter. He then wakes up and, after a short struggle, he stands up.

This is when you have control of Ryley. A fire has started in the lifespan; move towards the Fire Extinguisher on the ground (see Key Bindings for game controls), and use it to put the fires out & also until you can no longer see their bright red and orange glow.

You’ll boot up your PDA after the fire has been put out, and it will have the same functions as your phone; plus, it will also act as your virtual assistant and give you tips for completing the story.

Watch Complete Video Walkthrough Here

The entire Walkthrough Guide is available as a video.

The Lifepod

The Lifepod. Inside the lifepod, there’s a storehouse casket with a red top; inside the casket, you’ll find 2 Nutrient Blocks and 2 Filtered spectacles of water. These will serve as your food and also water source until you can produce your own. There will also be 2 Flares, which can be used to light up dark areas until a further dependable light source is plant. 

 You will find several other particulars in the lifetime as well. One of them is a Medical Tackle Fabricator, which will automatically give First Aid Accoutrements for the player to only use when they get injured. It’s recommended to take a first aid tackle, so you have a way to heal if you’re attacked by fauna. 

And Also inside the lifepod is the Fabricator, which is used to draft natural coffers into other accoutrements, including food and water sources. It’s also used to draft several tools, the most vital bones being the Scanner, Repair Tool, Standard O ₂ Tank Fins, and Survival Knife. 

 Once you’ve completed all of the repairs in the tutorial, there will be a damaged radio that you can repair by using the Form tool. 

Once you’ve completed all of the repairs in the tutorial, there will be a damaged radio that you can repair by using the Repair tool.

Into the Ocean – Subnautica Walkthrough

The lifespan will have only two hatches. Choose one to get out of the lifepod. It is now time to begin collecting resources to build your basic equipment.

Scanning the floor of a biome will give you a nice list of things to collect, as long as you remember that you have to collect everything else in the same region. Scanning the walls can get you a little bit of everything, but mostly, the ground and the water sources are of interest to you.

Copper Ore, Titanium, and Acid Mushrooms are vital resources early into the game. Get all three of them, along with several of the other required resources, such as Glow-in-the-Dark Plants and Energy Blasts, while exploring for hints about how to survive the first few hours of your adventure.

After you’ve gathered the required materials, craft a battery, and then use the scanner to scan fragments. The scanner can be used to unlock new blueprints and to scan Flora, Fauna, and Coral.

Once you craft your scanner, gather as many titanium and iron ore as possible to build a standard O2 tank and survival knife. To collect food and water, head outside to the wilds to gather everything you need.

Subnautica Walkthrough

The nutrients bars and filtered waters in the lifespan will help you start but only take you so far. The earliest food and water sources both come from small fish, such as the Boomerang, Bladderfish, and Peeper.

You can catch all of these fish by hand and use the Fabricator to create a steady food source for them. However, the fish bladder fish can also be made into filtered water, so it’s suggested to reserve this fish for water.

 The only drawback to Bleach is that it doesn’t provide as much water as the other two sources. However, it is still more ideal than a filtered water source after crafting the survival knife.

It would help if you looked into the Harvesting Nodes in Subnautica. They contain some of the most important resources in the game, including Titanium.

There are three main resources you can use to craft Titanium; they’re all found around the map, but it’s hard to come by because of the high demand for Titanium, which means it will cost you.

There’s a range of resources in each biome that a specific type of node provides. Some nodes can provide anything from a mineral deposit to a rich forest full of food trees.

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Crafting Important Tools

I’m casting Important Tools. A Survival Knife is an important tool used throughout the game. It requires Silicone Rubber to be drafted, which is made from Creepvine Seed Cluster. These are groups of small, unheroic balls plant on certain Creepvines, altitudinous, green kelp. 

Creepvines can only be found in the Kelp Forest biome. It’s recommended to collect the seed clusters as fast as possible while avoiding stalkers to minimize the damage taken by an under-equipped player.

To create the required materials to build the lifespan and the survival knife, you’ll need to collect the required resources and head back to your lifespan. The next tool you should craft is the repair tool, which you’ll use to fix your lifepod’s secondary systems and the radio.

To craft the best survival knife, you’ll need one Titanium, one Cave Sulfur, and one silicone rubber. You’ll get most of your Titanium from your survival kit, and silicone rubber is fairly easy to find. The hardest to find of these items will be cave sulfur.

These large fish will swim toward the player at high speed and explode after reaching their target. They can be dangerous to those without proper equipment; however certain strategies can be used to avoid them. Q: Is there a better way to do this in C#? I have a form where there is a checkbox that I want to be enabled and disabled based on a text box.

In space flight, after leaving the safety of a spaceship attached to the moon’s surface, you need to maneuver around to make your way back to the spaceship. The trash fish is faster than you but not as fast as the rocket ship, so it’s unable to maneuver back towards you and will explode harmlessly after a while.

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The repair tool is made of a yellow flower that grows from the cave’s sulfur deposits, and it will help repair your lifepod.

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