Super Mario Rpg Walkthrough -Step By Step Guide

Super Mario Rpg Walkthrough -Step By Step Guide

Super Mario Rpg Walkthrough -Step By Step Guide and Mallow arrive back at the Mushroom Kingdom and notice something very odd. Shysters are overrunning the city, but they don’t seem like Shysters. They look more like regular enemies, and their behaviour seems rather strange. This may be the perfect opportunity to gain experience points by defeating all of the Shysters in the area.

Afterwards, it would help if you headed into the castle. However, before going into the main room, head downstairs to find a young Toad being chased by Shysters. Defeat the Shysters, and the Toad wants to go into the room with everyone else. Head upstairs and defeat another horde of Shysters.

After ensuring your health is back to 100% and you’re ready to fight, it’s time to confront the Smithy Gang leader, Mack. He has many other Shysters around him so expect them to be quite tough to defeat. However, they should all be easy enough to beat one-by-one with Thunder attacks.

A boss is an older man, but he’s not scared of anything. He doesn’t like the intruders and will fight them when they come to take his Shyster. But if you get a big group of his Shysters together, it may be difficult to defeat him. He can be trounced with Mallow’s Thunderbolt.

As Mack’s main element is fire, Mario will not be able to use Fire Orbs to fight him, so he should stick to jumping. Mack’s most potent attack is Flame Wall which can attack both Mario and Mallow. However, it should not exceed 10 points of damage.

Just sticking with Jump and Thunderbolt will eventually bring down Mack. After defeating Mack, the Chancellor comes out of hiding and notices a strange Star Piece. Mario picks it up and earns the first Star Piece. Mario doesn’t know about it, but Mallow suggests visiting Frofucius at Tadpole Pond.

However, one must first go through the sewers to get to the pond.

Boss: Bowyer Super Mario Rpg Walkthrough -Step By Step Guide

You’re on the road to becoming a boss in this fast-paced action platformer game. Help Rinku avoid traps and enemies while trying to reach the exit! Q: jQuery change image source on mouseover I have some images that I would like to change on mouseover:

Geno has a powerful physical attack in terms of attack power, making this fight a little easier. Bowyer is the master of electricity and can use a deadly move called Static E to strike all characters. Because of this, Mallow’s Thunderbolt is useless here and should only heal Mario or Geno with HP rain.

While Mario has the advantage of a Super Jump, Geno will keep attacking Bowyer physically. If Geno can get Bowyer to press the Y button, the game will be over. Don’t worry about a strategy. Instead, concentrate on keeping your shield up and dodging attacks.

Mario then defeats the evil King Koopa and his crew and takes the Star Piece. He then tells the story about how he and his friends will keep the Star Piece safe. They reveal that their home, Star Hill, was ruined by a giant sword, so the seven Star Pieces have been scattered throughout the world.

Marios and Mallow agree to help out Geno. They decide to plan their next course of action. Geno has to play Mario Tennis, the first Mario tennis game ever made. This is where Mario and Mallow will appear. Note The Pipe Vault’s next level, but it’s an optional area. 

Watch Video Walkthrough Here

watch this Video to understand complete walkthrough.

Boss: Bundt/Raspberry

Chef: You’re not the true boss of this fight. You are the supporting actor in this battle. I am the actual boss. The header is listed for me.

You’re supposed to attack Chef Torte first because if you scare him away, he won’t be able to move the cake anymore. Then the right will begin.

In the first phase of the fight with the Bundt cake, you need to take out all of the candles on his head. There are six of them, which can be taken out by attacking them. However, the Bundt cake has Sand Storm that attacks all characters on the screen and inflicts the Fear ailment.

If the candles are already blown out, you want to have the team attack until all the candles are blown out. Then, when the Raspberry comes out, it has a new episode that we call Drain Beam.

It’s always best to choose a sidekick resistant to a move’s effects and then use the action on them! In this case, Mario’s super jump is the best move to use here! After the power of Raspberry is weakened, Booster and his Snifits will arrive.

Unfortunately, this is the last battle of the story. After this boss fight, you’ll need to leave Barrymore. The original wedding couple is glad to get married finally, and they have no more tasks for you.

Thanks to Princess Toadstool’s rescue, you’ll be automatically returned to the Mushroom Kingdom. 

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Seaside Town (Revisited)

When you first enter Seaside Town, you’re confronted by the Elder and the other citizens of the town. However, they reveal themselves as members of the Smithy Gang who used their cloning abilities to take over the city.

In this game, Mario must trick Bowser into the Star Piece so that you can win the Sea Shells. Once Bowser gets the Star Piece, he’ll destroy the Seaside Town and harm the residents. Could you not give it away?

After the meeting with the Blade, Yaridovich attempts to leave by sea. Follow him that way, and he’ll complain about not receiving the Star Piece. Yaridovich tries to get away by the sea, but Jonathan Jones and two bandana blues stop him saying Mario earned the Star Piece, fair and square.

Yaridovich’s proper form is revealed, and he fights Mario and his friends.

Boss: Valentina & Dodo

Boss: The three brothers Mario Brothers. You’ll have to defeat each of them separately, and then it will be up to Bowser (Mario) to kill Mario Jr. before he grows up.

Dodo is the most challenging enemy since he’s faster than Bowser. Just have Bowser use his physical attacks until Dodo quits. Now that we’re back to the other battle, Mario and Geno should be the ones fighting Valentina.

Valentina can use numerous spells, including Water Blast and Petal Blast. Have Mario keep using Ultra Jump while Geno attacks physically until Dodo and Bowser arrive in the battle. Dodo is a mere annoyance, but Ultra Jump and Geno Flash can strike both Dodo and Valentina simultaneously.

There was no question who the winner was in this competition. It is evident that when Mallow and Val’s thrones faced off, they were both defeated. As a result, it was clear that Mallow was the true King of Nimbus Land.

While Mallow is off helping Mario defeat Smithy, Mario must fight King Bowser. If Mario beats King Bowser, he will earn all of the items needed for his transformation into Super Mario! If not, he must return to Princess Peach and tell her that he could not defeat King Bowser. She will then send him home.

This Shy Away, afraid of being hurt, gives you the Fertilizer, and now it’s time to get the Lazy Shell weapon and armour. Go to the next town and head to the third area to get the items from the gardener and equip them.

After you have the treasure chest open, you will see the Lazy Shell weapon and armour. Equip the gun down to Mario and put on the armour for Toadstool. These items significantly boost Mario’s attack power and Toadstool’s defence, so she is immune to all status ailments.

Head back to Nimbus Land and travel through the castle again, but this time when you reach the grey area, head towards it and then fall out of the clouds to end up in Barrel Volcano. 

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Boss: Axem Rangers Super Mario Rpg Walkthrough -Step By Step Guide

Boss: All Rangers, You are vastly outnumbered in this fight but not outmatched. Each Axem Ranger has a specific trait that makes them annoying to take out. Here is a list of them below and the order they should be taken out.

Kameko: She is the most annoying due to her healing techniques. However, her HP is lower than all of the others, and Mario’s lazy shell and Geno’s physical attacks should take her out in one turn.

Axem Green: He is the magic-user of the group. His magic attacks can multi-hit and can be troublesome. Like Pink, his HP is on the low side and should be taken down next. Axem Black: The speed of the group. Axem Black is known for attacking twice in the same turn and can toss a bomb that deals significant damage.

Take him out next with physical attacks—Toadstool: The group’s muscle. The Toadstool has the highest HP and only attacks with physical attacks and Body Slam. Take him out by double-teaming him (Axem Yellow will still be healing).

Axem Red: The leader of the group. Axem Red specializes in fire attacks, and his attack power is on the high side. He should be targeted last, as his attacks pose a minor threat to your team. After each member’s HP drops to 0, he’ll join the rest of the group and hop on a large machine in the back.

The Beam Blaster can use the terrible Breaker Beam technique, which deals severe damage to everyone but does little or no damage to Toadstool because of her Lazy Shell armour. Keep hammering away with special attacks until the Axem Rangers go down for good.

After the Axem Rangers are defeated, they are destroyed along with their Blades, and now you can finally earn the sixth Star Piece. Go back to Nimbus Land, and then you’ll get your rewards.



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