Super Metroid Walkthrough

Super Metroid Walkthrough – Step by Step Guide

Super Metroid Walkthrough: You’re now in the game! Make your way to the top of the Maridia level and enter the door on the right. Jump to the top, and enter the door on the right.

Grappling Beam: Swing across this ceiling to the other side to another door. It will be tricky and may take several attempts, but several balloon-shaped enemies allow you to grapple back up to the top of the room without restarting from the upper left.

Enter the door, then immediately look to the left. There, you see the path you should take. Go down that path, and as you reach the bottom, a secret passage will open up.

Enter a room by shooting down a tiny red missile. When you land, you’ll see a Save Room. Go inside the Save Room, make your way through the ceiling, and continue sprinting straight to the right. Eventually, you will reach a narrow gap in the wall leading to the next part of the game.

Speed boosting in Metroid is tricky because it requires a player to gain enough momentum by jumping and sliding down the screen to create a “spray effect” before using the attack.

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The entire Walkthrough Guide is available as a video.

Super Metroid Walkthrough – Draygon Boss Fight Guide

When you enter the room, the first thing you should do is shoot the domes on either side of the room with missiles or super missiles.

Once you’ve done that, shoot Draygon’s projectiles with your beams, and wait until it picks you up and swings you wildly. Make sure you have your Grappling beam equipped, then get ready to grapple onto one of the broken domes once you get close enough.

You’ll feel your energy drop as quickly as the E.M.M.I. robots from Metroid Dread when they capture Samus, and for a brief moment, you’ll be completely helpless. But it’ll be quick – only 50 energy is depleted.

In the game, you can enter the Space Jump area by finding a key and then heading into the room where the key is located.

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Maridia Walkthrough – Where To Find The Plasma Beam Upgrade

The second prominent feature of a Metroidvania game is the backtracking mechanic. This is where you’ll have to go back to previously completed areas and collect all the goodies you missed out on. While many games have a large open world, that doesn’t mean you can never visit previously explored areas again.

Drop down and to the left to enter the newly flashing door. Walkthrough, the long room to the far left side, use your Space Jump to reach high areas. Go through the next room and enter the sand room with small enemies coming up from the quicksand.

You can shoot these to replenish lost energy and missiles as needed. Once you reach the end of the room, you’ll see a sloped wall. Keep jumping up the wall to get to the next floor. Run left, jump up the fence to the right, go around, past the first door on your right and enter the door.

As you enter the next room, you are greeted with a Space Pirate captain and his guards. The Space Pirates in this game are extremely tough and can only be harmed by the Plasma and Spazer beams. Your goal is to defeat the guard and make it back to the door as quickly as possible.

Super Metroid Walkthrough

Maridia Walkthrough – Where To Find The Spring Ball Upgrade

You know that the Plasma Beam will allow you to kill the Space Pirates quickly. You can now walk over and unlock the door with it in hand. You’re ready to leave!

Jump up and around the overhang and head down through the door on your left.

Make your way to the left side of the room to the Super Missile Door on a hallway floor.

Drop down and bomb the floor, then shoot the door on your right. Give yourself a running start, then space jump across the room, avoiding the enemies along the way to the door on the far right of the room.

In the next room, latch onto the weak grapple point in the middle of the room. Once it breaks, Space Jump up through the gap to the top of the room. Q:

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Criteria – Super Metroid Walkthrough

As you’re going out for dinner, your phone rings. It’s your mom, and she wants to know if you’ll be home for Christmas. You feel wrong about not being home for the holidays, so you tell her that you are leaving the house. You’ll see later that you should have just said no, but you had to try to get away from this conversation!

Head back up using the right shaft to get out of this area. Once you are in the room’s central location, drop the ladder to the blue door on the left and enter. Drop down the ladder in the room to reach the blue door on the left that leads to the save station.

Head through the small gap in this room. Destroy the bricks with a Bomb and go through the blue door at the end. Bullet# 3 is in this room. Go back to the former room.However, you can perform a Morph Ball Jump and roll into a concealed hallway a little advanced up in the wall, If you plant a Bomb next to the first slipup and keep pressing right on your way around. 

 Return to the larger room and head over to the top. The wall to the left then can be destroyed with Losers. Destroy it and pass through the blue door. Continue through the coming room and collect Energy Tank# 1. 

 Continue through the coming door. Use Missiles to master the Space Pirates in this room and drop down to the bottom. Head through the coming two blue doors and take the elevator down into Brinstar. 


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