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Superliminal Walkthrough – Step by Step Guide

Are you stuck in Superliminal? We have the Superliminal Walkthrough to help you get started. Check out our walkthrough of the first two levels of the game. Superliminal Walkthrough – Level 1 and Superliminal Walkthrough – Level 2.

Hello there, and welcome to the IND13 walkthrough of Superliminal. Superliminal is a fantastic game for any puzzle lovers out there, and I’ve put together a quick guide to get you started on your journey through the world of Superliminal.

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Level 1 – Superliminal Walkthrough

If you click on Level 1, you’ll see the game’s first level, which is called Beginner’s Guide to Perception. Click on the yellow chess pawns on the table to understand how perception works in this game.

Now that you’ve figured out how to make items larger or smaller, play around with them to see how to make the following article smaller or larger. There is a vast rook piece blocking your way in the next room. Please pick it up and make it small to get it out of your way. Jump over the white box and proceed to the next room.

There are two different play boxes here. One of them contains a doll named “B.” You have to figure out what the number in the lower box represents and then place the upper container beside the lower box so that the number is smaller than the number in the lower box.

Go to the larger box and jump up to the next level on the upper chest. It would help if you placed something on the pressure pad to keep the door open at the next level. Step onto the pressure pad to open the door such that you can see a play box in the other room.

You should pick it up from where you’re standing and put it on a pad that you’re standing on. This will let you keep the door open and proceed. Once you move through the door, you should pick up the same box you dropped on the pad before and bring it back into this room.

Place the box on a low table, and then jump onto the box. Jump onto the doorway to get to the other side of the corridor, where there is another box. Please pick it up and proceed through the gallery and the next room. There is a window in the room on your right. Look into it, and pick up the chess pawn.

Look into the right window and press the pressure pad. This will open the door. In the next room, the door is way up. To get there, pick up the cheese block from the table in the room and make it bigger and bigger until you can walk up the incline and jump into the door.

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In the next room, make the big play box smaller and put it into the tiny window with the pressure pad located to the right of the closed door. This will open the door, and you can proceed through. In the room with the smashed glass, pick up the box and walk over to the smashed window.

Look through the two smashed windows, and find the pressure pad. Put the box in place, and the package will open a door. Inside the room beyond, you will be blocked from taking the box to the other side of the room. To bypass this, look up and place the container on the wall and drop the package into the other half of the room.

You’ll have to go through a maze of similar-looking corridors, which is the second part of this challenge. Proceed through the end of the hall, where there is a green exit sign.

In the room with the two pressure pads, look for the red-and-green sign above the door you need to go through. This sign lights red when the door is closed and green when the door is open. As you make it bigger and bigger, you will find that you can place the sign on both pressure pads at once.

This will open the door and let you proceed. Go straight ahead through a series of corridors and make a few turns to find a room with only one pressure pad. Walk through the door, and the room’s walls will break a bit. Look to the left to find an “Exit” sign, and grab it.

Drop it onto one of the wall panels to let them fall through, making you get out of the room. Go through the green double doors and the other green door to the next level.

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Level 2 – Superliminal Walkthrough 

Level 2. Follow the only route, moving objects blocking your path and removing any exit signs you encounter. When you reach the end of the hallway, you will see a circular corridor, so remove any characters that you see there.

First record tape number 1, then visit the room on the right.

You must pay attention to the black and white patterns on the wall. Stand to connect them, thus creating a black and white cube. Use this to climb up. Enter the room on the right with another black and white cube.

Turn around. Next to the cube, there is a pattern on the wall. Place the table, and make the vase become part of the cube.

There are six cube corners, each a different color. The goal is to climb all six cubes in order and understand what they are about. You’ll use different levels of the tower to climb higher. Bring a black and white cube with you, and place it on your left to climb up.

Interact with tape recorder number 2. Look up to get a cube. Turn it over to find a green chess piece. Go back to where you were in the room, use it to jump onto the yellow bridge, then turn around and create a new green chess piece. Drop it into the left hole to see the way out.

However, there is nothing in this hallway. There is only a fire alarm device. Go through the courtyard and listen to the recording from tape recorder No. 3. Move further into the room with a blocked passage.

In front of you is an open door. Stand up to go through it. Walk back to where the door was opened and step onto the first elevator. Get in and ride it to the top floor. Use your keycard to open the door and step outside.

Superliminal Walkthrough

Level 3

There are three levels to this course. Let’s start by finding a small dice in the room on the right. Once you have found it, go to the large doorway at the top. There will be a hallway that leads to two parts of another dice on the left.

If not, set the first dice directly onto the highlighted area in the center, in the shape of a square. Use two cubes to climb up. Slide the cube off the floor to jump down.

Remove the grate and then use one of the cubes to reach the top. Move the other two up, and you will be in a room with three cubes. Move the cubes vertically or horizontally as you wish.

Lower the two cubes and push the third to the right. Use it to climb onto the ledge to the exit. After breaking the cubes, use one of the sides to create a rise to the door.

The next cube will fall into several smaller ones. You climb up with their help above, remove the wall from the giant cube and jump down into the mine. Once there, take the elevator to the bottom of the shaft.

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Level 4

1. Level

2. Walk along the corridor and inspect tape recorder No.

3. Continue on a linear path. Move the red balloons and continue.

Your next step is a giant pit of blood. Follow the bridge and look under your feet. There’s a door that closes; take a walk backward. You’ll see a new TV room.

You will see a dark staircase to the right, with an arrow pointing to it. Next will be a doorway with boards. Behind it is a corridor with a red pointer. Go back and turn right. You’ll find a hidden path.

Rotate the pointer to the left to light the first room and the right to light the second room. A door is in the next room, but the next room is just a brick wall.

On the far wall, you’ll find boxes and a hidden path. Start the generator and get to the elevator.

Level 5

Level 5. Push the green panel forward from the aisle. Take it with you, and put it on the green button. Follow the direction to the right along the corridor. Click on the green panel.

This panel will be duplicated twice, but you cannot move it. To reproduce several boards, create a staircase, and make several hours into a ladder. Jump up, take an apple and throw it at the wall. Q:

It will roll and push the smaller apple off the button. Climb up the slope so that the green button aligns with the apple. Click on the apple to create a copy on the button.

Hold down the RMB to copy the sign. Go back to the office to find a tape recorder (No. 7.. Take the elevator.

Level 6 – Superliminal Walkthrough

Tape recorder № eight are located in the corridor by the lift. The house increases when you jump down and enter the small room on the left.

The next step is to increase the fan to blow away the tower and enter the hole. Follow the corridor to activate Tape Recorder № 9.

It’s time to remove one of the windows, make it bigger and jump inside. Next comes an inflatable house. Increase it to climb onto any ledge, and then increase it even more, to get inside and reach the entrance.

Walkthrough the hall with the two doors and turn right. In the next area, an elevator takes you to the very top of the building.

There are three main parts to this puzzle, which make up the entire game:

  1. There’s entering the room.
  2. There’s exiting the room.
  3. There’s everything else.

You can do this in three ways. First, you can get inside and into the elevator by zooming into the cardboard box.

Level 7

Level 7. Set your alarm clock for 6:00 AM, head out of bed, and go through a series of very similar-looking corridors. If you keep going until you get to a dead-end and wait for the voiceover to finish, you will have cleared level 7!

When you get up in the morning, don’t worry about turning off the alarm. Go out into the office and start doing the same thing again. You’ll see that the room is now turned horizontally, and you’ll need to do this a couple more times.

Turn off the alarm and fall through the door. Once again, go through the large room and turn off the alarm. Then head out of the door, and you will be stuck between two brick walls. Head back to the room you “woke up” and take the blue painting on the wall.

Make it larger enough to serve as a door and step into it. Please go through the next exit and step into it. Things will get a little weird as you go on. Please pick it up when the door falls to the floor to reveal a doorway underneath.

Proceed through the next room, but don’t align the cube on the wall. Walk to the stairs, pick them up, and place them on the ground. Now, use the stairs to go back down to the first room and get the other half of the cube.

When you arrive at the next floor, turn around and look to the West, and you will notice that a particular door is bricked up. Go to the East door, and you’ll find yourself in a particularly challenging puzzle.

The numbers next to the doors do not tell you which way you should go. It doesn’t matter which door you look at first because they are all bricked up. So if you decide to look at the door on the other side of the sign, it would make no difference which door you choose.

Look to the East. If the sign points to the East, go to the West. You will open the door to the West. Do this five times before you can continue. If you mess up, you will have to start over again.

You’ll find another swimming pool after you’re free from this. The size of the cube should be increased, and you’ll jump to the next floating level.

In the next room, place the Queen chess piece where required… and then pick up the Knight chess piece from the floor of the next corridor to stand on the yellow button so that you can proceed through the open door.

This is a fun game for those who like puzzles. It’s simple to play but challenging to master. Begin by selecting one of the floor blocks and placing it in an empty section of the level. Then pick up another block, move it somewhere else in the maze, and put it there.

Once you exit the maze, you’ll be in a room with an alarm clock. Could you turn it off, then proceed onwards? Outside, look for something in all four directions so that it’s frozen into a wall. Do this in all four orders so that you’re in a room.

Then look in the middle of the room. You’ll find a standard room. Turn off the alarm to go to the next level. Check out the next part of our Superliminal walkthrough here! What makes mousepads made from glass so special?

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Level 8 – Superliminal Walkthrough

You are currently at level 8. Go to the living room. Take the table away. Use the power of the mind to zoom in and go inside the table. Look into the opening in the wall where you entered here from this position. In this position, use the power of the mind to move the table forward.

In this level, the player is required to imagine things. They need to move forward, see what is written on the walls and the floors, and then take the necessary action. This is done on the chessboard.

The same thing happens as before. First, we’ll have a room with a square. You’ll place a cube in the center. Then there will be a door, and we will need to move it behind an actual wall. Go through and bring back the cheese.

In the end, you will find a way out.

Level 9

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