Surge 2 Walkthrough

Surge 2 Walkthrough – Step By step Guide

The Surge 2 Walkthrough is a role-playing action game set in a vast, neon-lit city full of creatures, bosses, and a variety of weapons and equipment to unlock. The Surge 2 will also feature three different character classes to choose from and an upgraded version of the previously released first-person shooter.

This guide will also include a complete walkthrough, with information on the side-quests and where they have located within the world, as well as a guide to finding the context-specific achievements/trophies as well as tips to assist you in getting 100% completion, with lots of valuable items found along the way. A:

You’ll find all the locations of the collectables in this guide, including Weapons, Audio Logs, Implants and armour sets as they become available. This guide will also provide the location of all the weapons that you’ll be able to use in The Surge 2.

The game takes place after the events of The Surge. Please edit the guide if there is anything wrong or you have an alternate strategy or any advice you would like to give.

You’ll be able to navigate through the Table of Contents and other pages by clicking or tapping these links, buttons, images and icons. You can also tap the Table of Contents button on the top left side of the page to go straight to the first page of this guide.

A complete walkthrough of the game from start to finish. Bosses and strategies. Side quests and strategy for completing side-quests. Location guides for all Audio Logs, Gear Sets and Weapons. Achievements and trophy guide.

The Surge 2 Walkthrough

The Surge 2 Walkthrough. Medical Observation. Escape from Detention. Detention Centre. Journey to the Court Downtown Jericho Seaside Court. Downtown Jericho. Seaside Court.

Port Nixon. Return to Seaside Court Port Nixon – Continued Seaside Court – Second Visit. Port Nixon – Continued. Seaside Court – Second Visit. Way of the Hunter Downtown Jericho – Second Visit. Cloud 9 Bar.

Downtown Jericho. Cloud 9 Bar. The Grand Prize – Gideon’s Rock. Gideon’s Rock. The Three Towers. Gideon’s Rock. Creo Institute of Technology.

CREO Institute of Technology – The Lost Child. CREO Institute of Technology – Continued Cloud 9 Bar. Second Visit Downtown Jericho. Third Visit. Gateway Bravo A.I.D. Command.

Cloud 9 Bar – Third Visit. Downtown Jericho – Second Visit. Gateway Bravo. A.I.D. Command Return to Guttenburg Underground CREO Institute of Technology – Third Visit. CREO Institute of Technology – Third Visit.

The Sacred Spark Gideon’s Rock – Second Visit Cloud 9 Bar – Third Visit Ruined Downtown Jericho Underground Exploration (Optional) Seaside Court – Third Visit Port Nixon – Second Visit.

Gideon’s Rock – Second Visit. Cloud 9 Bar – Third Visit. Ruined Downtown Jericho. Underground Exploration (Optional). Seaside Court – Third Visit. Port Nixon – Second Visit. The Kraken DLC (Optional).

Find the Tower. Find the Maintenance Tunnel. Launch the Car. Defeat CAIN. Access the Kraken DLC.

Launch the car. Defeat Cain. Boss Encounter Strategies Boss: Collective Incinerator Boss: CAIN – Core Protector Boss: Collective Incinerator Boss: CAIN – Core Protector Side-Quests Breaking the Norm Proto’s Power Core Proto’s Drive-In.

“Break the norm” is a pretty good song by The Police from their last studio album, Synchronicity. C: There are many great songs by The Police, but the best is probably “Break the norm”.

The DLC – Locations. The DLC – Armor Locations. The DLC – Implant Locations. The DLC – Weapon Locations. The DLC – Achievement/Trophy Guide.

The Sacred Spark Continued. The Cathedral of the Spark. The Path of the Prophet Underground. Underground – Second Visit.

CREO Institute of Technology – Third Visit. To The Rescue Gideon’s Rock – Third Visit Cloud 9 Bar – Fourth Visit Ruined Downtown Jericho – Second Visit Gateway Bravo – Second Visit Collectible Mop-Up (Optional) A.I.D.

Command – Second Visit The Great Wall Gideon’s Rock – Third Visit. Cloud 9 Bar – Fourth Visit. Ruined Downtown Jericho – Second Visit. Gateway Bravo – Second Visit. Collectible Mop-Up(Optional).


Watch Video Walkthrough Here

Watch this video for a complete Walkthrough.

Boss Encounter Strategies

Boss Encounter Strategies. Bosses are the most formidable enemies in the game, so you’ll need to use all your strategies to take them down. Here’s our Boss Encounter Strategies Guide for each of the bosses in the game.

We’ve got your back if you need help with one of your bosses! The following links will show you how to take on bosses like Nitro, Warden Garcia, Little Johnny, Brother Eli, Ezra Shields, Delver, Delver Echo Alpha, Brother Eli, Delver Echo Gamma, and so many more. And if you want to get even more help from bosses past and present, you can check out our Boss Help section.

Lord: Jesus Christ C: Lady: Mary D: Mr God: Lord Jesus Christ

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Main quests and missions list

This is a list of all the main quests/missions in The Surge 2. Each main quest will let you unlock a new area of the game, a region, or an element of the game. Each primary mission can also change the world’s layout by changing the location of some elements or raising the level of enemies in certain areas.

During the main story, you can open the inventory (I essential) and listen to the characters’ dialogue from time to time. They can give you a tip about getting to a new location or explaining a particular situation more in-depth than just speaking about it.

Escape from Detention. Jericho Seaside Court. Port Nixon – The Drug Lord. Cloud9 – The Way Of The Hunter. Mobile Guide Is Coming Soon. Mobile versions of this guide will be available for download as soon as the W.W.W. version is ready. Game Guides & Walkthroughs.

Free iPhone app for you. For more information and instructions, visit www. group tree.

The following sites use as their source for online gaming information: Gamepressure, Gamepressure Forums, and Gamepressure wiki (Gamepressure wiki is in the beta testing phase). Q: How to implement the following function using jQuery? This is the code that I have so far:

Pick a weapon and armour set early.

As we mentioned earlier, it pays to pick your weapon and armour set early. Dismembering offers plenty of materials, but upgrading costs Scrap and materials together. It’s not wise to spend more than you need to.

When you start the game, spend some time exploring the world to see what weapons and armour perks you like. If you find one you like, you can keep it for most of the game.

If you’re conservative and ultimately get to a point in the game where you feel like you want to change things up, you’ll be equipped with the resources you need to pull that off.

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The Surge 2 Port Nixon

The Surge 2 Port Nixon. This quest opens up after you first go to the Seaside Court. Our The Surge 2 Port Nixon Walkthrough Guide will help you step-by-step on how to defeat the little Johnny and Brother Eli and the game path you need to take. Q:

Many side quests and a couple of main paths take you to the Seaside Court. In my quest guide, I will cover the main path, which will also be a part of my main quest…

There are several blue Spider Mines in the area. If you get close, they charge at you and explode. Shoot them from a distance, continue to the next set of stairs, and go to the top.

The next room has a lift that you can’t use yet. Go down the stairs to the left and keep going; you’ll eventually come to other stairs. Don’t worry, and you’ll be able to use them later.

There’s a fountain at the centre of this square that fills with cool water for you to dive into, and at the end of these pipes, you’ll arrive at the Blue Sparkle Compound.

Flooded Grounds Surge 2 Walkthrough

Flooded Grounds. Go through the opening on the beach. At the end of the path are three crates on a pile of rocks. Take the rightmost one and get the Nanite Echo inside. Head back out to the beach.

Clear the path of the enemies and be careful as there are spiders mines in the path. Continue along the shoreline, and two more will emerge from the container nearby. Be careful!

You don’t want to enter the room with the magnetic life, so follow the path that leads you through the dangerous toxic sludge to the room with the magnetic life.

Some enemies will attack you in this game. Make sure you fight them. You’ll then meet the boss, the PAx Mech. Get on the elevator and go up. You’ll be warned that a dangerous enemy may attack you.

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