Syberia 2 Walkthrough

Syberia 2 Walkthrough – Step By Step Guide

It’s a good Syberia 2 Walkthrough to look at everything in each scene. See what you can interact with. Talk to everyone. Use your phone.

There are numbers stored in your phone, and you’ll find more numbers you can call as you explore. If you get stuck, don’t be afraid to check here for some hints. This is a tricky game, and some of the solutions to the puzzles are not immediately obvious.

You can’t reach a dead end. There is always something you can do to progress with the game. Syberia 2 was released in 2004 by Microids for Windows, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, and Android.

It’s based on the same plot and continues where the first game left off. The developers have stayed with the same game style, graphics, and mechanics. Syberia 2 was designed with the Virtools engine 3.0 to create 3D environments.

This episode was shorter than the previous one, so it received some negative feedback. Despite that fact, it still received a positive reception with 82/100 on Metacritic.

Another great installment of the series is set to be released next year. You will love the original Syberia, which was first released in 2002, and it is still an excellent adventure game today.

Syberia 2 Walkthrough

Syberia 2 Walkthrough: Romansberg -The first stop is the train station at Romansberg. Talk to the conductor and head to the south for coal and the monastery. The Monastery -Speak with the Patriarch, cure Hans, and then get out of the monastery as quickly as possible.

The Frozen North: It’s time to finish up the loose ends in Romansberg and then head out towards the frozen north in search of the lost mammoths. Youkol Village – Kate is rescued by the Youkols but must find a way to bring Hans back from the dream world.

The Longest Journey: Penguin Island & Syberia – On a long journey to find their missing companion, Kate, and Hans run aground on Penguin Island. To get the ship back afloat, you must find a way to repair the damage. 

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The entire Walkthrough Guide is available as a video

Enter the Monastery

Enter the Monastery. After Oscar tells you Hans is missing, go downstairs and talk to Malka again. Go into the lounge again, and Hans will start having a fit. Talk to him on the train afterward, and then you can go forward on the train and talk to Oscar.

Head downstairs, talk to Malka and ask her about the monks and the monastery. Then go back to the monastery, talk to the monks about the general store, and learn how to use the shroud. Go upstairs and talk to Cirkos about the shroud, get the token for the shroud dispenser, and learn how to use it.

Climb up the ladder and take the warm snowsuit from the crate. Now climb back down and head outside. Enter the bathroom on the train to change into warm clothes. Run back down the stairs and past the Bourgoff’s yard. Then, continue up the mountain.

When you reach the small bridge, look at the machine on the right. Insert your token and pull the lever to be able to take a shroud. Then return to Hans on the train, and put the shroud over his face. Go up the mountain again, and approach the monastery.

The monk asks you to come in because he is very interested in seeing a white raven. After entering, ask the monk if he has ever seen such a creature. He replies that he has never seen a white raven but that a “giant” raven once lived in this monastery and that he had seen it several years ago.

The Colonel’s store has many treasures. You will be given three different birdcalls. Go back to the monk and give him the silver birdcall. Take a habit and return to the entrance to the monastery. Pull the cord and enter the elevator to go up.

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Fix the Coal Dispenser

The train track’s coal dispenser does not work. I’ll need to go back to the leading train platform and talk to the woman at the kiosk.

Walk to the very end of the platform, and pull the lever. Nothing happens. Go into the building where the Colonel entered previously, and examine the keyhole. You can’t do anything here yet.

Go back inside and talk to the Colonel behind the counter. Ask him for the key, and he’ll hand it to you for some candy.

There are 3 candy machines in the general store. Each contains a different type of candy and costs coins to operate. It would be best to go to the Colonel and look to the right.

Get the minor key from the Colonel and note the phone number on the bottom of the broken candy machine. Talk to the Colonel about things, then use your phone to call Candyroff (625-122… They weren’t much help, so head back to the 3 candy machines on the table.

Press the key on the drawers at the bottom of each machine, and you’ll get some coins. Now, you can use the coins in the machines and get the candies.

You can’t get the key from the machine. Go out and speak to Malka. Hand over the candy, and you’ll get the key. Go to the end of the platform and use it to unlock the gate.

When you go down the stairs, head to see a strange machine hanging beneath the rail. Now go left and talk to Malka again. Go to the left to be beneath the coal dispenser. Look at the generator, try pressing the red button, and take the empty red can.

After entering the building:

  1. Go to the stage and see the automaton horses.
  2. Head to the bar and talk to Carlos.
  3. After leaving the building, walk left and climb the fence.
  4. Continue walking and meet the Bourgoff brothers.

Ivan will ask many questions, and after talking to him, go back to the Cirkos posters and rip them down. Please go through the small hole in the fence, and when he’s distracted, go to the next room. Now get the key and unlock the door.

While he is away, you’d better go and exchange your empty can for his full one. You need to fill it up with gas, pour it into the generator, then push the red button. You can go back upstairs and use the coal dispenser to put coal on the train.

Drop-in on the Train

Drop-in on the Train. Talk to Boris, then look in the cockpit and press any buttons on the right. Talk to Boris again, and you learn the coordinates of the train.

An extensive storm system is a forecast for tonight, so I’ll keep a close eye on the weather radar. The southeast quadrant has been dormant since early afternoon, so I should be able to get a good look at it as soon as it forms.

You should see a blip on the radar at 80 horizontal and 20 vertical. Go to the plane again and set the left number to 80 and the correct number to 20. Press the button, and you will land near the train.

If you approach the train, you’ll get a phone call. Go to the location where the youkai was investigating, and talk to Oscar to discover his wheelwork has frozen up.

Head into the passenger compartment and note the central metal disc on the floor. Please pick up the blueprints of the train from the bedroom floor, and the oil can from the workshop and return them to Oscar.

Oscar isn’t the most cooperative of characters. Use the oil can on Oscar, and he will return to the train. Go to the passenger car, but the train won’t move. Go upfront and talk to Oscar, then return to where you saw that metal disc.

Press call on your cellphone and wait for Oscar to answer. Now press switches 1, 3, and 5 to disconnect all rods, set the train free, and help Oscar get out of the maze. 1.

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Mammoth Statue and Village Syberia 2 Walkthrough

Mammoth Statue and Village. Walk towards the giant statue, and Oscar will phone you about the howling sound. Look at the snowmobile, and then look at the bag on the back of the wooden bird. This stops the howling.

Now go to the back of the train and speak to Igor. When he leaves, head back to the train car where the snowmobile was before, and pick up the spiked booties left on the ground. Follow Igor’s tracks and head up the icy slope.

There is no escaping Ivan’s corner. To escape, you can get help from your friend, Oscar, who will distract Ivan by talking on his cellphone. After that, you can use the ivory knife to cut the rope holding the sled.

Look out the window, then go outside and talk to the Youkol Chief. Get the reindeer antlers from the pot behind you, then head right. Walk towards the large beating drums and try to head past, but you cannot get the timing right.

The bird you see is sitting on a Perth, and something is missing from it, but it doesn’t seem to matter. Go back and pick up the leather strap to the left, and you’ll make a combination of the antlers and the leather strap to create a slingshot.

When facing the drumstick, look up to the left to see a giant icicle above the waterwheel. Aim and shoot this with your slingshot, and you can walk through.


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