the great ace attorney chronicles walkthrough

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Walkthrough

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Walkthrough. This is a video guide for anyone who needs help to get through Ace Attorney 2. The Japanese release of the game has new content that requires you to be able to read Japanese, and the English localization of the game is not complete, so this will be helpful.

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The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Walkthrough

This is a video that I made for the first episode of my YouTube channel (episode 1. You can go here if you want to see a video walkthrough:

Watch Complete Video Walkthrough Here

The entire Walkthrough Guide is available as a video

The Great Ace Attorney And Guide

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles – Walkthrough and Guide. Welcome to Neoseeker’s guide for “The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.” This is a collection of Great Ace Attorney games that have come to the West for the first time, and our team, Bkstunt, and Vinheim, have got you covered!

With this guide, you’ll have no problem answering every question in the games and every piece of evidence uncovered! This guide will cover both “The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures” and “The Great Ace Attorney: Resolve” and make sure you quickly get through every case.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a Game Boy game come out on the Switch. These are great for anyone who loves Phoenix Wright and Nintendo, and they’re the perfect guide to prepare you for the next two games.

The best first game in the series! Ryunosuke Naruhodo, the ancestor of Phoenix Wright, returns to take on the case of the century! Even though we’ve been gone for a while, we’re still excited to be here with you and playing through another game in the series!

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Guide 

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This guide will walk you through the first case in the Ace Attorney series, showing you the basics of the game, the essential items to collect, the clues you’ll need to find, and how to solve the case. We won’t spoil any of the critical decisions or story twists.

The Great Ace Attorney Game Guide

This guide to The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles: Episode 1 (The Adventure of the Great Departure) serves as a walkthrough, but it’s not always easy.

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the great ace attorney chronicles walkthrough

The Great Ace Attorney


The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles are the next installment in the Great Ace Attorney series and the first game released by Capcom USA in their Ace Attorney Trilogy series.

The Great Ace Investigation Day 1

We are investigating – Day 1. Examine the fire alarm and pull it. Examine all objects, including a cup of water, furniture, clogged tube, wastepaper basket, rules of passage sign, bookcase, luggage case, clothes, and outline on the wall.

The Great Ace Investigation Day 2

Investigation – Day 2. You talk to Iris. You move to Lord Chief Justice Stronghold’s office. You talk to Stronghart. You move to Prison. You talk to Van Zieks.

Present autopsy report to the Forensic Lab in Great Waterloo Hotel. Go to the Great Waterloo Hotel. Talk to Mikotoba. Go to the Vigil’s Hospital Bed. Talk to Vigil.

Tell Caidin what you’ve found. Go to the forensics laboratory. Talk to Gorey. Show him your photographs of the victim. Ask him to prepare an autopsy report or let you do it yourself.

Gina’s present to Naruhodo when he calls, asking to consult. Naruhodo says Gina is in the middle of a case that could be very interesting. Start at the Sholmes’ Suites.

 The Great Ace Attorney Trial Day 1

Trial – Day 1. Option 3 (Jezail Brett/Jezaille Brett). Option 3 (murderer). First Cross-Examination. Statement 5 presents postmortem. Option 2 (pulled knife out to save a life). Testimony:

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Courtroom break. Testimony. Truth through lens press statement 4 to add crime scene sketch to evidence and update statement 6 testimony. Statement 6 presents a fountain pen. Present the emblem on the pen (there is a 3 circle emblem logo on the top tip of the pen, rotate it to see).

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The Great Ace Attorney Trial Day 2

“Trial,” cross-examination. “The Experiment’s Device.” You examine the cage in your inventory to update its description. You forget to do it earlier. It is stated in the 4th statement. “I forgot to do this earlier” has changed.

The present crime scene diagram shows two gadgets used during the shooting. The top one, to the left, was used to hold the gun. The bottom one, the one that Courtney Sythe is pointing to, holds the bullet. She chose that one when she was presenting her evidence.

“Mr. Brown, you are now presenting evidence. Please proceed.” The defense closes its case. The defense’s closing arguments are not evidence, but are given to support the defense’s theory of the case.


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