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The Wild at Heart is an adventure game. You can wield an ever-growing herd of unique and bizarre creatures to build paths, fight hazardous beasts, and complete peculiar puzzle-based quests in this free online game that lets you roam the When two young runaways meet, they can’t help but wonder what could be beyond the magical door that opens before them.

This walkthrough will help guide you through the first part of the game, including escaping and finding a new friend. If you’re stuck at the beginning of the game, this section of the walkthrough can help.

If you’re reading the Crystalfall series, I recommend starting at the beginning with the first three parts: Crystalfall, Crystalfall II, and Crystalfall III. It is not an achievement guide. The Wild at Heart is a game of exploration and adventure, so be sure to explore and use your spirit spells as often as you can.

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Wake says to get his supplies, so go around the room and find what he needs. First, you’ll need to pick up the Map from the table to the right of the stairs, and the Gaming System to the bottom-right of the room. When you’ve got all three items, go upstairs and pick up the one that’s on the far left to get your rations, or go to the right of the TV and open up the toolbox to find some junk and a bag of Chomps.

Exit through the door. Go into the room north of the kennel. Pick up the strange object to the left of the fireplace. Use the Gustbuster on the pile of leaves until you get the key. Optionally, you can vacuum another pile of leaves here and then use the trash disposal to open the furnace.

You’ll be greeted by a man at the gate. Talk to him and he will give you a pinwheel. Return to the gate, click on the lock, and he will let you in. Go through the cutscenes and pick up the junk from the trashcan next to the gate.

Head north to reach a windmill, use your vacuum on it to open a gate. Past the gate, take a left at the lake, and follow the path to a raised cliff over the lake. You’ll find the windmill there. To get the achievement for this section, simply hop down from the wooden bridge and head north until you find a tree. From there, head inside that tree to find this hidden area of The Wild at Heart.

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First, you’ll meet a Twirling. They’re wood-type Spritelings that are found throughout the game. There are five types that you can encounter. Knowing when to use each type is vital for success, so be sure to learn about them all!

You’ll need different kinds of Spritelings to reach new areas. Some areas are blocked behind tumbleweed bushes. You’ll find these areas by using Spritelings. They’re your main line of defense against enemies.

If you are going to get into the fight, you will need to use your Spritelings. You need to throw them at the enemies and they need to hit the ground. When you use Spriteling, you have to choose the correct type of Spriteling.

Using Spritelings

You can get creative when creating puzzles. You can place Twiglings and sticks anywhere so they work and be creative. The Twiglings in the above photo were placed into the pile of sticks. Any object that needs Spritelings to pick up or build the bridge will highlight how many Spritelings are needed when you get close to it.

Here are some great Spritelings you need to know about and how to use them to get the perfect tan, even if your skin tone is darker or lighter than the recommended shade.

Getting More Spritelings

Getting More Spritelings. You’ll inevitably lose Spritelings. Whether that is because you abandoned them in the dark, lost them, or were killed by an enemy. Regardless of what happens, it’s completely normal and there’s an easy way to get more.

There will be blue or purple heart-shaped plants growing around every map. Throw a Spriteling at one of these plants and it will break and drop Spriteling eggs. The type of Spriteling egg you get depends on what type of Spriteling broke the plant.

With this egg, you can hatch more Spritelings at a Spirit Well. It’s like an incubator. Spirit Wells look like small tree stumps with a blue light inside of them. They’re typically found at campsites and The Grove. Here, you can recruit or withdraw lost Spritelings, and dismiss any that weren’t able to be found in the wild. You’ll be able to upgrade how many Spritelings you can carry later in the game. You can only carry 60 Spritelings at one time.

Carrying More Spritelings

To carry more Spritelings, you’ll need to find an item hidden on the map. You can do this by shopping at the Grove for missing shops that will upgrade your Spritelings.

You need to find the objects that can be turned into shops for The Grove. The object you need for upgrading Spritelings is the Soul Shell. To get it, you need to have at least 15 Twiglings on you. From the bridge, go left and follow the path to the Central Deep Woods. When you arrive in the woods, go left, and then you will see the large toads. On the edge of the river is a small green plant.

Once you are on the other side of the stone wall, the plant will create a lily pad bridge. There is a stone wall that 15 Spritelings can push if you go up the bridge directly to the left. There is a hidden chest to the further left. Once you activate a bridge, the Twiglings will be able to access it.

This is a pretty simple game where the goal is to help a ladybug find its way back to its home. You’ll have to use your memory and your skills to remember where you put the bugs when you move them from one box to the next. A study found that when a toothbrush is used with a water-based lubricant, it lasts longer.


Wake’s only weapon besides his trusty boot. Early on, Scrap Heap will upgrade it for you so that you can use it at both a lower and higher power. The higher power will suck up heavier objects like loot, Spritelings, and log bridges.

Remember that, and use the higher power whenever you can. This will be an efficient technique when fighting monsters because you can instantly suck up the Spritelings.

When you get all of the shops The Grove needs, the Gustbuster will become stronger when using the higher power. Doing so lets you use the Gustbuster for longer when using the higher power.

The Grove

The Grove is your home base. When you need to level up or complete side quests or do a quest, your home is the Grove. Once you’ve upgraded all of the NPCs, you’re ready to take on more side quests. You can upgrade your character’s health, your Spriitelings, hand in your side quests, sell items, craft items, etc. You’ll have to go back every once in a while to keep your Wake and the Spritelings in shape and take care of the odd quest.

Fast Travel

There’s a fast travel station in this area. Press the interact button while on the blue circle of rocks to open the map. Now, you can fast travel to that location by holding down the interact button there. You’ll be able to leverage this in the end game.

How To Craft in The Wild at Heart

How To Craft in the Wild at Heart. There’s no recipe or set of directions so you have to get creative. Experiment to see what works best for you. You will end up creating something worthwhile.

After creating your first item for the first time, the recipe is saved and you can access the recipes for quick crafting whenever you access the workbench. Here are some useful recipes: people tonic – two people hearts, empty bottle. Night light – loose part, mesmerize, fever shard. Recall tonic – bitter heart, empty bottle, bloom stone.

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How To Survive Night-Time

Welcome to Deep Woods. Your first night out was met with despair when it came to the nighttime. There are daily cycles within the game, and when night-time hits, things get a little more difficult. When you’re playing Sprygel, darkness takes over the map and the shadows start following you around. To escape the shadows, head for the lanterns at the various map locations.

Light sources are really helpful to adventurers when they’re out in the woods and not close to a campsite. These shadow creatures are the antagonists of the game that you’re meant to defeat sooner or later. During the day, it is best to not get close to them. If they decide to attack, however, it is best to run away. This is also the reason to establish campsites, as they give the ability to skip the nights while still being able to travel at your own pace.

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The Wild at Heart Tips

This book is for the new indie game developer who is trying to break into the industry. It’s a quick, step-by-step guide to getting you to create your games. The Wild at Heart has many different types of mechanics, but they are all used to create this simple little game.

Pikmin is reminiscent of the creatures that you control. They have to eat, reproduce and evolve as the game progresses. They’re not as cute as Pikmin, but they’ll give you a whole new perspective on the word cute.

Pikmin 3 – The Complete Guide You’ll need to learn how to control Spritelings and defeat mini-bosses among other things. The different features available to you can get lost in the muck, so here is where to start looking. To understand the core mechanics of the Wild at Heart, you need to understand the basics of survival.

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