Town of Passion Walkthrough – Step by Step Guide

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Town of Passion is an RPG (Role-Playing Game) that brings the player into the role of a character from the town of Passion walkthrough with no knowledge of who they are or what is going on around them.

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Town of Passion Walkthrough Guide – Mary

Morning: Lunchtime: Afternoon: Dinner: Late afternoon: Talk to Mary (Chicken Pen) > Chicken Locations: (Agility Level 2. By the Dojo By the Inn. By the Dojo. Behind the Library.

The :evening: night is a standard structure in conversation. In this case, we have a game called “Mary’s Realm,” which is a variation of the popular game of jigsaw puzzles. The object of the puzzle is to solve the puzzle by moving the pieces around to match the correct picture. You may want to try it out at home.

Pull the middle lever on the machine with the spinning wheel. Mary is holding one of the levers, so have her pull it. Grab the pendant. Play the minigame. Night: Morning: Talk to Mary about the Charm Check the sparkle Talk to Mary Evelyn’s shop Talk to her about the date SAVE Check both: Morning Extra Events:

Make her wear the adventure outfit > then at night, Sleep in. After completing Roselyn’s route > Fountain in Valencia > Buy wine from Evelynn, buy a candle from the witch and talk to Roselyn in the evening.

Town of Passion Walkthrough

Town of Passion Guide & Walkthrough – Raylene

Midday: Evening: Midday: Evening: Midday: Evening: Morning: Midday: Cellar level puzzle: Midday: Evening: Night: Midday: Night: Next Night: Minigame: Minigame II: Extras: New bar event.

There is something to be said now for a good old-fashioned door at night. This will bring Raylene in after midnight on the weekend, a treat I never got to enjoy when my sister was alive. And of course, if Raylene sees Mary wearing an adventure costume, that will put her in an excellent mood. Once the door is opened, Mary can check out the morning scene to see what it looks like. This can be fun as well.

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Town of Passion Theatre Guide

Cyan: Check with Mary also in the evening after fully romancing her have sex in the bath. Complete Tana’s & also third mission to have sex with her. Red: Bunny Girl: donate 10 goddess coins to the private chambers.

Maya: Find all of your treasure maps! Fea: Train an intelligence. Sera: Complete all of your storage puzzles. Flora: Collect all of your flowers and find all of the Gorgons.

Auri: Solve the rift puzzle, drink the her potion, and return to her. Lime: Unlock these scenes by talking to the characters after finishing the story. Orange: Unlock these scenes by completing the Halloween Horror tale.

Pink: Complete the Salacious Sakura tale to get the scenes with the Mary, Roselyn, and Minerva. And Also Find the hidden Charm in the crimson path for Akane’s location.

White: Unlock these scenes by completing the Arctic Allure, followed by the rest of the stories. Yellow – Unlock these scenes by completing the Bosom Beach. Blue – You’ll need to deliver all the gems to Nyx after finishing the last of the tales.

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