Trails Of Cold Steel 2 Walkthrough

November 30.Trails Of Cold Steel 2 Walkthrough Talk to Lady Schwarzer in Northwest room of 1st floor of Baron Schwarzer’s Mansion. Talk to Baron Schwarzer in Northeastroom on the 2nd floor in Baron Schwarzer’s Mansion.

Talk to Elise and Celine at Foot Bath (Character Note is available). You can use this Foot Bath to recover HP, EP, and CPslowly. You can use this Foot Bath to recover HP, EP, and CPslowly.

Talk to Princess Alfin in Ymir Chapel. Talk to Toval in Valley’s Echo Tavern. Head to Ymir Valley and talk to Annabelle to receive a fishing rod. You can catch fish near Valley’s Echo Tavern. Species #1 is Kasagin.

Catch fish at Fishing Spot nearby Annabelle Species #1 Kasagin. Species #1 Kasagin. You can buy Imperial Chronicle – Issue 1 and Gambler Jack – Chapter 1 in Plover Goods & Souvenirs.

This store offers a variety of items, including an outdoor bath, which can recover full HP, EP, and CPinstantly. If you need help to recover your HP, EP, or CP, you can talk to Head Chef Werner in the Northeastroom on the 1st floor of the Phoenix Wings.

If you need a weapon that will bring out the best in your party, you might want to check out the Mirage Trick from Chapter 3 of the Second Playthrough in the PS2 version. It’ll give you a powerful ally in the fight.

Link Attack and Rush Attack are available in the 1st battle. You can use Toval’s S-Break to kill all eight enemies from Treasure Chest #2 (make sure you save the game before opening this treasure chest). Pieces of the Eighties unlocked. This is a competitive renewal of a grant supported by NIGMS that will provide support for three years of training in a new research area related to bioprocessing and product manufacturing. The purpose of this K12 is to provide a structured program of career development in which each ScholarScholar who is selected receives comprehensive training in the latest biotechnology, bioprocessing, and product manufacturing technologies while working with an established scientific mentor to develop their program for investigating a particular aspect of the bioprocessing and product manufacturing industry.

Unlocked at the Save Confirmation screen.

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Watch Complete Video Walkthrough Here

The entire Walkthrough Guide is available as a video.

Obtaining the Black Records

To obtain the Black Records. To access this boss, you need to find all five of the Black Records books. They’re not in any specific order, but they’re all available in one of the shops on your map.

Black Records #2 was found on January 11 at the entrance to the Cogwheels Dungeon, on the top floor of the tower that’s next to the cogwheel station. C: Black Records #3 is found in the Dark Cavern in the Deepwater Mine on February 1. D:

Bareahard Records #2 was purchased from the Celtic Grand Market on November 25 from Cornette’s General Goods. Bareahard Records #3 requires you to complete the hidden quest St. Veronica’s Tears on December 2 to access the Bareahard Underground Waterway.

After speaking with Sister Tatiana in the Cathedral, return to the Waterway, and you’ll find the Black Records in the same spot as the boss. You’ll need to speak to them before the boss appears, but you’ll want to make sure to do this before the December 23 cut-off date to make sure you can complete the optional quest Gone Air.

Once you’ve completed the quests, you’ll get the last book in the series, but you’ll have to speak to Norton at Roer Airport first. This is when you learn that Black Records #5 is hidden in a chest next to the southwestern tower of Lohengrin Castle, and you need to collect the records to open it.

Once you’ve got them all, talk to Instructor Thomas on the Courageous (Ref Room, 2F) on January 3. After you’ve finished this mission, the last three optional bosses will become available. 

Finding Glacia Shrine

Glacia Shrine is a bit hard to find. After talking to Rean’s parents in Ymir, go to the Baron’s Mansion and talk to Rean’s parents to get directions to Glacia Shrine. Once there, go to the west part of the map and look for the path near the canyon.

Once you find the path to Glacia Shrine, it’s a straight shot into the dungeon. The dungeon is short and contains no enemies until the boss at the end, Magic Knight Isra-Zamiel.

Is it beatable? Yes, but I feel it will require lots of practice and strategy to beat. The good news is that you can become a better Magic Knight Isra-Zamiel player with a bit of practice.

When the boss is defeated, you’ll receive an Ice Crown accessory that gives its wearer +10 CP regeneration and a hefty 50% crit bonus. It’ll be a cakewalk to complete the second playthrough.

You’ll also receive the Frozen Heart trophy.

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Decoding the Books

Reading the books and completing the side quests they lead to is fun. After completing the Epilogue, you can return to the School of Language Arts and speak with Instructor Thomas again, and he will give you the Decoding Report.

It’s a must-have item, so make sure to use it before your next quest. At nightfall on the next day, go to the Reverie Corridor dungeon. You’ll find an event and receive the ScholarScholar of the Truth trophy after you defeat it. Also, you’ll get some hints about the upcoming Cold Steel III event.

That’s all there is to it. Congratulations, you’ve completed your second playthrough and finished the game. From this point, you’ll have a fun and relaxing time with all the new trophies you’ve earned and will be able to finish the main quest and collect the trophies.

Happy gaming! What techniques did you use to beat the boss? 

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