Zelda link's Awakening Walkthrough

Zelda link’s Awakening Walkthrough

Don’t go alone; take this by Stephanie Wood, 23 April 2020. Share This Legend of Zelda: Zelda link’s Awakening Walkthrough is one of the most beloved entries in the entire series, even though it made its debut on one of the most technologically humble pieces of Nintendo hardware: the Game Boy.

Since its original release in 1991, the Legend of Zelda series has expanded into a massive franchise that has become a staple of the gaming industry. Now, it’s finally being resurrected with the release of a remake for the Nintendo Switch!

While it carries over many of the themes seen in the equally brilliant Link to the Past, it’s one of the unique entries in the franchise. If you haven’t played a ‘classic’ Zelda title before, you’ll have a great time discovering what’s new here.

With that in mind, let me introduce the complete game walkthrough. I’ll go through each Secret Seashell and Heart Piece location so that you know exactly where to look and what to do.

Zelda: Link’s Awakening Complete Walkthrough

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Zelda link's Awakening Walkthrough

The Trading Sequence

The Boomerang is one of the most potent weapons in the game. It can get rid of monsters, make potions, or even turn into other monsters. However, getting it requires some preparation. First, you need to go back to the Trendy Game Shop.

Use the crane to pick up the Yoshi Doll, and head to the northernmost house in the village to trade it for a ribbon. Go inside the house, and take the ribbon to the place with the Chain Chomp outside it.

Trade the ribbon for a can of dog food. Make your way down to the beach and go right when you see the ” Shoreline ” sign. Inside the house, trade the dog food for a banana.

Mysterious Forest

Head back towards the forest. This is to the left of the village. Go up to the top, and continue on top of the ridge, following the path to the right until you reach a hollowed-out tree.

Inside the chest, you find three compartments. Open one of the chests and find five rupees. Open the other chest and find a Keese. Kill the Keese with your sword, then push the chest in front of the chest to gain 50 rupees.

Make sure to avoid the cracked floor, but take the nearest stairs, walk up and to the right, and kill the Zols that appear. This will be the next Heart Piece.

Pick up the toadstool and head back through the tree. Push the closest boulder to your right, the one above that one up, the one to your right and the left, and the one above that.

In the old world, turn back toward the hills and follow the road north until you reach the area where Moblins use shields. As a precaution, wait until the guard is lowered before attacking the Moblin.

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Keys, Compass and Treasure Map

When inside Tail Cave, head into the left room, knock all the Hardhat Beetles into the hole with your brand and collect the key that drops from the ceiling. Move left and master the four Zols in this room to claim the Compass. 

The dungeon is located to the south of our camp. Head to the entrance room and look for the first Stalfos in a nearby alcove. This will give you the first Treasure Map.

Walkthrough the one-way door on the northern wall, and from there, head west. Open the casket, avoid the Spark circling it, and also pick up the third key. Killing the Moldorm on the left portion of the room should generate a casket with 20 rupees in it. 

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Getting Roc’s Feather and the Nightmare Key

It would help if you moved north, but be careful of the traps. Follow the path around the room, & avoiding the Sparks and the Zols. 

 Push the block that is farthest west one space right. In the coming room, keep your guard up as the Spiked Beetles charge at you. As they’re stupefied, two successes of the brand will kill them and generate a staircase in the top right corner. 

 Downward is the first of numerous forced 2D perspectives in the game. 

 You need to kill the Goombas (yes, Goombas from Mario) and make your way up the ladder to the left. Keep an eye out for the Blade trap just before the chest.

When you collect three of the same type of heart, you get a new heart piece. Collect Roc’s Feather, allowing Link to jump and head back the way you came, collecting the three seats in the air as you go.

Go two rooms south, and go all the way to the end of the big room, where the locked door is. The right door is right by the blocked-off block on the right.

Rolling Bones and Moldorm

The Rolling Bones in this room is a dungeon boss that you need to avoid and attack once weakened. Its attack includes a spike that you need to jump over, so you must use evasive manoeuvres to stay alive.

After four or five hits, the boss will die, leaving a fairy that will fully heal you. The sprite will disappear, and a new boss will appear. The new boss will only go if you die in the dungeon, so don’t lose your health!

Head north and use the Blade Trap in the room on your right to go through the door to your request. Inside you’ll find a room with three hearts if you need them. Unleash the Agony Door. 

 Moldorm is the master of this dungeon. When it presents itself to you then attack the red tip of its tail. 

This is a giant worm that loves to bite. As soon as you get this creature, it wants you to get it under control by hitting its tail four times. You’ll be rewarded with a heart container in the next room if you do so.

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The Bird Key – Zelda link’s Awakening Walkthrough

You’re almost there. Head toward Danpe’s Shack and then take the stairs down. After climbing the stairs, an owl will greet you and give advice.

After speaking with him, he’ll give you a hint. Follow this clue and head east. You can Hookshot the treasure chest for 50 rupees when you exit the cave.

After doing so, push the stone in front of the chest into the abyss and hop over the ledge. When you reach the ridge, take the right exit. You can now head east from the cavern you exited. The second exit leads to a bridge, and you can then head north.

As you climb up, you’ll soon find a tunnel going in a northerly direction. Just beneath it, you’ll see a cave. There are some stones in the entrance that you can move around.

Push the 3 centre blocks over the ledge and hop the gap so you can reach the next room. The next room is nothing but an abyss. Pick up your feathered friend to fly over the large hole in the ground.

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