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Zeta Walkthrough Walkthrough. Edit source. History. Talk (0… This walkthrough should only be used if stuck. It contains all the secrets and will help you complete the game. Use at your own risk. This walkthrough will also not contain strategy or team building tips, but tips are included in the discussion topics.

Use the arrow keys to select items in your bag inventory. Press enter when you are done selecting.

Alt+Enter: Make fullscreen Toggle F1: Settings, Sound, Display Q: Register items O: Followers and Private items W, E: Registered items Spacebar:

Your Journey Begins[] Zeta Walkthrough 

Your journey begins. Fill out your name and choose if you are a boy or a girl, then read through the dialogue. Follow Professor Oak into the Escape Route and choose your starter, which is level 7.

Win a (very easy) battle against Jeremy and his level 5 Snubbull. You’ll find your running shoes in the first room of the cave. You’ll need the potions on the right side of the cave.

Visit the caves at Zarivar and speak to the scientist there. Talk to the Professor in his lab to locate your rival who lives near the Trainer School at the bottom left of the town.

Head back to the Professor’s lab, and you will get your Pokédex and another starter after your rival grabs his starter. The Hiker in the Professor’s lab will give you a second starter.

Get the man in the green jacket, the man with the yellow hair and the hat that says “I’m ready to go” a few items:

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To the First Gym[]

There is an entrance to the First Gym called the “Opening to the First Gym.” Go into this forest to get a Pokéball.

Go to the house in the desert. Talk to the guy, and he’ll tell you about Drowzee’s playdate. Go to the house in Naragex Forest and talk to Hypno.

It’s time for the HM Strength. Head to the research lab. Talk to the guy in Wonder Cave. Catch a Pokémon that can learn Strength. Get to a Pokémon Battle and try to defeat Unown.

If you don’t have a legendary, catch a Pokémon that can learn Strength if you don’t already have one. You’ll eventually get to a battle with Unown. Catch Unown in the wild, and then get your friend to use HMXX Tesseract to teach it to you.

When the gym leader and the Professor saw each other, they thought, “This one looks dumb. We’re going to beat him.

If you touch all four flowers, you’ll become visible again, then talk to the person in the gym, and he will tell you you need to give him four bouquets before he fights you. Go to the gym leader and give the bouquets; he will fight you.

Touch all four flowers in this field, then defeat the gym leader. After that, go back to Wonder Cave and find the Wonder Seed, which will give you the strength ability. Use this power to defeat the gym leader.

You can now buy more items from Pokémart, including the antidote you need to cure the sick man above the IV Changer’s home. Purchase an antidote and give it to the green-colored man; he will give you TM06: Acid. You can now move the boulder out of the way of the building and head to Route 302.

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Zeta Walkthrough

The PokéHadron Collider[] Zeta Walkthrough

The Pokémon-Dawn-Meteor[]. Go through Shadow Path. Keep going until you get to the ladder which takes you to Fanga Town.

There are lots of things in Fianna town, the most popular are:

  • The Police club (for grinding).
  • The egg at the top left (Togepi).
  • The Nuzlocke lord for nuzlocke challenges.

When you have finished with Fianna Town, go north and battle through Route 306 and Route 307 until you reach the block of people. Speak to professor oak.

After Professor Oak, head south to a laboratory, read the book there and then leave, and you will be teleported back to Professor Oak. Use the Pokémon Center if you get tired, or you will be traveling a very long way when you get back.

When talking to the Professor, go north to the ruins of Nyasa Town. From there, head to the caves in the center. Go south from the caves, through the hadron collider, and then return to the hadron collider lab. You should be able to finish all of these quests by yourself.

Exit the lab, heal your Pokémon, and head south to Route 308. You’ll find shadow paths moving around the area, and they will lead you through the boulders to the exit of the Nuzlocke. Head north on route 306, which will lead you to a police club, and join the police.

A new item for your party. It’s not so bad. And this is only the beginning. But you must hurry if you want more EXP and items. It would help if you were careful.

What a quick route. What is Team Olympus up to? I will defeat you. Wilson to the rescue. Back in Fianna City. To Route 308.

The Sixth Gym[]

The Sixth Gym. Head to Route 312 and walk past the guarded entrance until you get to Route 313 and meet Team Swag looking for the TM for Swagger. Defeat your rival, [5 pokemon]. And continue along Route 313 by going left, right, and down at the intersections.

Go to the casino in the village, find the Coin Case, then go to the older man in the house who will give you HM Waterfall. You will be asked to answer a couple of questions before giving.

Answer: the 3D Pokémon card game? I’ve got one. It’s an old Nintendo Game & Watch, and it’s called Pokémon.

They’ll expect us back at the casino, so we have to make it fast. Go to the first HM (Headmaster). Team Swag is looking for Swagger. Go down to Route 314. Cross the casino. Now go to the gym. Puzzle one. Puzzle two.

Are these puzzles? If so, they’re a bit confusing. I don’t know what the gym leader is doing, and I’m having a hard time with the rest of the puzzle.

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